Predictions of the Future, II


Respond to the following statements. Say why and give examples.

Here are some prediction. What do you think? It will definitely happen. It will probably happen. It might happen. It could happen. It probably won’t happen. I doubt it. It will never happen.


11. All nations of the world—except Switzerland—will unite into one big, giant Super State.

12. The next Superpowers will be Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, Poland, Russia and Turkey.

13. The European Union will stretch from Canada and Greenland to the west, to the Bering Straits in the east. Britain meanwhile will exit it.

14. The US and Canada will break up into separate countries, e.g. California, Texas, Quebec, Florida, Montana, New Jersey.

Health and Body

15. The average male (and female) will stand 1.95 meters tall, and weigh 150 kilograms.

16. Most people will be over 65 years old—but they will act like teenagers.

17. The average life expectancy will increase to 150 years old…and youth will be extended to 100.

18. Most people will become ovo-lacto vegetarians.

19. Thanks to advances in genetic technology, everyone will be tall, lean, athletic, strong, fast, muscular, shapely, toned, healthy, intelligent, dexterous, talented, youthful, and White.


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