Pranic Healing, I

A news report on pranic healing.


swipe contend desperate
brain swoosh assignment
tumor ancient I can’t say
heal survive look into (2)
hand critically package (2)
pain prana/chi pay attention
hover gradually patient (2)
injured invisible sweep (2)
knee transmit emphasize
bend surgery disappear
swell wave (4) wheelchair
stuff amazed accelerate
realm standard hurdle (2)
flow look (2) addiction
weird quack (2) armament
initial funny (2) complement
tough hallway paralyzed
intend arthritis replacement
trickle criticize comprehensive
cough cold (2) encourage
wean urology depression
crave segment out of character
pill forceps backache
cure literally element (2)
ability flares up treatment
flare hypnosis






Lee Newhouse was critically injured in a car accident — and was told he would never walk again.

Deborah Segal survived a brain tumor . . . and was told her face would always be paralyzed.

Desperate, they turned from modern medicine to an ancient form of healing they say changed their lives.

Deborah Segal: “I have less pain, I do have more movement.”

Can Pranic Healing change yours? Special Assignment, Wednesday at 11 on CBS2 News.

Ann: “Tonight’s Special Assignment, getting well with a wave of a hand, literally.

CBS2’s Jennifer Sabih, has been looking into what is called pranic healing. Jennifer.”

Jennifer Sabih: “Ann, Jonathan, for thousands of years, Eastern medicine has been using prana, or the body’s natural energy to help people heal.

Now Western medicine and California patients are paying attention to Pranic Healing.”

A healer’s hand hovers over a brain tumor patient. Some sweeps and swooshes and small finger turns and suddenly, what was once paralyzed, moves.

Deborah Segal: “Then my face was moving in a way that it hadn’t moved in 11 years.”

A doctor transmits invisible energy to an arthritic knee and the need for surgery and the pain disappear.

Patient: “No pain in the knee, I can bend it. No swelling, no nothing.”

Some hand waves and wipes and a man says walked after doctors told him he never would.

Mrs. Newhouse: “They told me he would be in a wheelchair all his life.”

What these people contend cured them is called pranic healing.

Stephen Co, Pranic Healer: “Pranic healing is an ancient science in the art of healing that utilized the energy, which most people call prana or chi to accelerate the body’s own ability to heal itself.”

Dr. Eric Robbins: “We just use certain movements of our hand to get the energy to flow better.”

Two years ago, urologist Eric Robbins began using pranic healing in his practice. His first patient, someone who wasn’t healing with standard medicine.

His first hurdle: telling that patient what he planned to do.

Dr. Eric Robbins: “I went into this guy’s room and I said, ‘look, you know we’re doing everything we can for you within the realm of standard medicine. Can I try some of this weird energy stuff on you’?”

Two days later he says, the patient was well.

At first his colleagues thought it was quackery.

Dr. Eric Robbins: “Initially people thought what I was doing was quite strange. I’d get funny looks in the hallways.”

But when his tough patients started getting better, his colleagues began sending him theirs.

Dr. Eric Robbins: “And I started getting good results with their patients. And then gradually word trickled out in the hospital.”

And soon they began teaching pranic healing classes there: 120 doctors and nurses learned how to do it.

Still physicians emphasize that pranic healing is not a replacement for traditional medicine, rather and addition to it.

Dr. Michael Hirt, Internist: “Energy healing belongs in a comprehensive package of treatment.

Dr. Eric Robbins: “You need to be able to complement standard medicine, and that’s what we’re doing here.

This is another tool in the armament to help patients get better.”

A tool so simple, Stephen Co says, anyone can learn to do it.

Stephen Co, Pranic Healer: “It can be used for coughs, colds, headaches. It can be used for stress; it can be used for depression.”

Even cravings for candy, he said, my weakness.

So I got a pranic treatment, then tested it out. And completely out of character, I could then walk past a candy bin without wanting to reach in.

From addictions to arthritis, brain injuries to backaches, healers are using fingers, not forceps; prana not pills.

Jennifer Sabih: “Pranic healing was created by a man called Choa Kok Sui, who actually encourages his patients to learn how to do it themselves.

And in fact the woman we showed you with knee problems said she doesn’t need the doctor anytime her arthritis flares up — she heels herself.

And Jonathan and Ann, I am amazed to tell you that two weeks ago we shot that segment, and I haven’t had a piece of candy since, and I can’t believe it myself actually.”

Ann: “Is there an element of self-hypnosis in this?”

Jennifer Sabih: “Well I can’t say. All I know is that I’ve haven’t had candy and that’s something my mother had been trying to wean me off of for maybe thirty years now, so I don’t know.”

Ann: “It’s real interesting, it definitely is.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Pranic Healing, II


A news report on pranic healing.


cure fingertip New Age
potion renewed conventional
wrist effective sanctuary
palm physician patient (2)
roll routine practitioner
hover sweep symphony
hurt candle treatment
refer dissolve hocus-pocus
weird wacky sound (2)
pill severe discount (2)
ankle candlelit conduct (3)
spine cancer take a look
whorl needle acupuncture
core standard hard core
illness bladder advanced (2)
blood abrupt for themselves
dirty at first congested
bleed field (3) flip his lid
tough comfort convinced
clinic cleanse response
pain recharge surround
aim urology in order to
fuel supply stroke (2)
gentle update follow directions
handy migraine background
relief contend your own hands
adage thyself




You’re watching CBS2 News at four thirty.

Gretchen: “The power of healing may be as close as your fingertips. While we often find medical cures though pills and potions, some doctors are finding a more unconventional methods of treatment can also be affective.

CBS2’s Jennifer Sabih is here to tell us more about it. Jennifer.

Jennifer Sabih: “Gretchen, I found a place where a routine doctor’s visit is anything but, where physicians cure illnesses, at the same time tell their patients they have the power to heal — in the palm of their hands.”

A wrist-roll. A finger whorl. A scrape, a sweep, and a hover: there’s a symphony of hand movements — and suddenly, a stressed-out mom feels renewed.

Stressed-Out Mom: “I feel like I’ve been on a spa or on vacation.”

A hurt ankle . . . healed. “Feels good.”

Discomfort dissolved. “I was able to move it without any pain.”

Looks weird, sounds wacky, but before you discount it as some New Age hocus pocus conducted in a candle-lit healing sanctuary, take a look at where else it’s being done: in the urology department of a major southern California hospital.

Dr. Eric Robbins, Urologists: “I noticed that I was seeing a lot of patients with chronic problems that weren’t getting better with the standard medications.”

So Dr. Eric Robbins started experimenting with something called pranic healing.

Dr. Eric Robbins: “It’s like acupuncture without needles.”

And this Eastern form of medicine he says, was working on hardcore Western cases.

Dr. Eric Robbins: “I had a woman with advanced bladder cancer, who came into the emergency room, with severe bleeding in her bladder.

So literally, just using my hand as we were waiting for the operating room crew, I swept away this dirty, congested energy — and her bleeding abruptly stopped.”

At first other physicians saw the hand flipping as evidence that Dr. Robbins had flipped his lid.

Dr. Reza Gohar, Cancer Surgeon: “It was very strange to myself; I had to admit to that.”

Strange, until they saw successes, and sent their own tough patients.

Dr. Reza Gohar, Cancer Surgeon: “I referred them to a pranic healer, and I was able to notice significant improvements in their clinical response.

I cannot explain what this does, and how it works, but I know it works.”

It works, according to its founder, Chinese energy master, Chao Kok Sui, by cleansing the energy field that surrounds the body, then recharging it.

Stephen Co, Pranic Healer: “We know the body knows how to heal itself, but in order to heal itself, the body needs fuel.”

Fuel that pranic healers contend, may be supplied by the hand.

Stephen Co, Pranic Healer: “Wherever the problem area is, the first step is to do some gentle movement of the hands.”

And now if you’re say, “hey, I can do that,” well according to practitioners, yes, you can.

Follow directions, they say, and even those non-handy with their hands can learn to heal everything from migraines to stress.

Stephen Co, Pranic Healer: “Most people even with no background, with a few strokes of movement of the hands going down can feel the relief immediately.”

Practitioners say it’s one way to take healing into your own hands.

Jennifer Sabih: “So it may be that old adage, “Physician heal thyself” can be updated to “Patient heal thyself.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Pranic Healing, III


A news report on a pranic healing class.


follow ancient demonstrate
suffer amazing in a minute
heal follow up try at home
odd caution replacement
clinic standard be able to
claim chronic overwhelm
pain response treatment
relieve feel (2) cartwheel
solder surround anesthesia
mold premise tend/tendency
flow urology particular
useful blueprint pain/painful
blister check (2) check this out
burn arm (2) comprehensive (2)
torch dry/dried package (2)
healer joint (3) traditional
zero field (3)



Jonathan Ellas: “Now we have a follow up to our special assignment on pranic healing. It’s an ancient form of Eastern medicine, and its overwhelming response when we first ran the story, so we wanted to give more information after the response.

Jennifer Sabih and some Channel 2 viewers spent the evening at one of the classes where they actually teach this technique.

Jennifer Sabih: “That’s right we did, and in a minute, I’ll demonstrate one technique I learned that you can try at home to feel the energy.

But here’s first what some viewers learned at a class where healers claim they can teach anyone to heal themselves.”

It looks like some odd exercise.

But what these people are learning is called pranic healing, an ancient form of Eastern energy medicine.

Annette Chavez says she’s come to this pranic healing clinic because standard medicine hasn’t been able to relive the chronic joint pain she’s suffered for two years.

After a two minute treatment by pranic healer Stephen Co . . .

Annette Chavez: “I feel I just want to do a cartwheel. I mean I feel great, it’s amazing.”

Co says pranic healing works by cleaning then energizing the energy field that surrounds every body.

Stephen Co, Pranic Healer: “The energy field acts as a blueprint or like an energetic mold that your body follows.

As you fix the energy mold, the body has a tendency to follow that mold.

That’s basically the premise behind healing.”

Dr. Eric Robbins, Urologist: “We just use certain movements of the hand to get the energy to flow better.”

Urologist Eric Robins says pranic healing is particularly useful for painful prostrate and bladder exams.

Dr. Eric Robbins: “When we use pranic anesthesia, about 75% of the patients are much, much more comfortable than if we didn’t use it.”

And check this out: this man’s arm was burned and blistered by a butane soldering torch.

After a few seconds of pranic healing: “No pain at all. Zero.”

And the blister that should have been getting bigger?

The blisters almost seem like they dried up.

Interesting? Absolutely, but doctors caution that energy healing is not a replacement for traditional medicine, rather, an addition to it.

Dr. Michael Hirt, Internist: “Energy healing belongs in a comprehensive package of treatment. These disciplines do work; people do get better.

But you have to use it as part of a comprehensive program.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. What had happened to Lee Newhouse and Deborah Segal? The doctor told Lee . . . . . What did the doctor tell Deborah? What happened to them later?

2. The healers used prescription drugs and standard medical treatments. True or false? What is pranic healing? What is prana or chi? Why do they move their hands?

3. Did Dr. Eric’s Robin’s colleagues and patients think pranic healing was normal? Which turned out to be “better”, conventional medicine or pranic healing? What happened to the doctors who thought Dr. Robins was crazy?

4. What can pranic healing relieve or cure?

5. Only psychic people or people with special powers and abilities can perform energy medicine. Is this right or wrong?

6. Did the journalist undergo a treatment? What happened to the journalist? Is she in her twenties?

7. Pranic healing is related or similar to acupuncture. Is this correct or incorrect? How does conventional medicine heal patients? Describe how a pranic healer cures patients. How does pranic healing work?

8. Is pranic healing something modern?

9. Can or should pranic healing replace conventional, modern medicine?

A. Have you heard of pranic healing before? If yes, where did you see or hear about this?

B. Are there pranic healers in your city? Is it common? Have you or your friends undergone a pranic healing session?

C. There are many alternative medical treatments, such as acupuncture, hypnotherapy, chiropractors, herbal remedies,massage therapy, homeopathy. Yes or no?

D. I believe in these treatments; alternative medicine is real. What do you think?

E. What will happen in the future?

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