pranic healing explanation

An Explanation of Prana


Stephen Co gives an explanation of prana.


series harness mother nature
needle Sanskrit background (2)
hip fracture spiritual
bone astonish compound fracture
heal slightly all walks of life
attend proceed look around
tai chi slide (3) acupuncture
expound invisible current (2)
magnet martial pretty much
flow and so on Old Testament
allow synthesis put together
palm follow me stimulate
tongue segment go through
push roof (2) deep breath
inhale exhale sensitive
tingle so-called sensation
shake face (2) face each other
armpit gently shall we?
apart touch martial arts
pull ground it doesn’t matter
twirl initial whether you like it or not
impolite point (2) just have fun
whether pretty (2) pretty wild
in fact plant (2) sensitize
scan cleanse particular
embed intuition subsequent
ancient purification ancient times
holy vibration essentially
pray on top of holy water
aura field (4) lay down
sand absorb recharge
solar breeze rejuvenate
shine What else? charge (3)
upset notice counselor
drain client and-a-half
share maintain concentration
devout Baptist whole time
doubt protect take care





1. The speaker (Stephen Co) was always interested in energy medicine. True or false?

2. In 1988, his wife . . . . . . What did the doctor say?

3. What did the speaker do? What happened to his wife?

4. The notion of prana is universal. Yes or no?

5. Describe the activity that Stephen demonstrated.

6. You are supposed to relax and breath deeply. Is this correct or wrong? How are your hands supposed to feel?

7. It’s not polite to point at someone. Yes or no? What is a possible explanation for this?

8. People find going to the beach to be very refreshing. Why is going to the beach refreshing?

9. What often happens when doctors, nurses, counselors, psychiatrists deal with patients? Why?

10. Did the speaker feel prana or chi while he was healing his wife? Why did he say this?
A. Are there healing modalities in your country or culture? Describe them.

B. Is there a notion of chi or prana in your folklore?

C. Are there centers, organizations or healers in your city?


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