pranic healing demonstration

Pranic Healing



Watch the following video clips and answer the questions.

First Video Clip



1. This video has a notice in the beginning. Yes or no? If yes, what does it say?

2. Where is this place? Where are the people?

3. What time of the day is it?

4. Who are the people?

5. What are they wearing?

6. What objects did you see?

7. What was the woman doing?

8. What was the man doing?

9. Was there any sound? Were the people talking?

10. Are there any special effects? If yes, what are there?

11. The special effects in the first and second part are the same. Yes or no?

12. The people in the second segment are the same. True or false?

13. What do you think was the main idea or theme? What was going on?

14. Do you think this was part of a promotion or advertisement? If yes, for what?


Second Video Clip



1. Where is this place?

2. What objects can you see?

3. How many people were there in the video?

4. What were they wearing?

5. Was anyone talking?

6. Did you hear any sounds? If yes, what was it?

7. The sitting man never moved. True or false?

8. What was the people doing? Why?

9. What was going on? What was the purpose of this?

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