pranic healing demo

Pranic Healing Explained


Stephen Co gives a brief explanation of pranic healing.

Vocabulary from the video

welcome show (2) studio
practice practitioner master
privilege session mode/modality
conglomerate describe ancient
technique intend essential
life force heal
recipe clean cleanse
block (4) blockage stand
stand up scan purpose
press (2) palm (2) balance/imbalance
stimulate easy start
gentle aware sensation
pressure (2) tingle go down
focus kind (2) turn around
sense feel (2) aura
affect undulate same
same thing key (2) difference
tension heat sweep (2)
remove general in general/generally
together field (3) middle
outward line shoulder
between pure/purity stringent
lavender subconscious absorb
bowl break break it down
dump throw bless
garbage accumulate round (2)
spray imagine squeegee
slow come down generate
scrape receive receptive
hold break up emit
feel (2) sensation back
start spine pay attention
accumulate store heavy/heaviness
to store deep push
nice clean stroke (2)
distance physical important
radiate intention comfort
zone distance line
further apart follow
edge systematically take into account
side repeat armpit
area flick germs
to purify fuel fight
fight off infection effect
directly antibiotic shower
exactly protocol improve
respiratory system brow
chakra throat heart
solar plexus close (2) diaphragm
correspond raise blockage
spin again minimum
scrape sensitive light (2)
rub alright one more time
wash habit enhance
draw (2) through project (2)
conduit deep deep breathing
property (2) diffuse full
side to side stabilize cookbook
observe experience shallow
inward position subtle
energize front safety
erratic panic temporarily
release strong forceful
accumulate great area
movement cover demonstrate
advanced method clockwise
tight lose counterclockwise
acupuncture twirl facing out
receive variation pray
tap crown spirit
spiritual observe grand
distill main put together
born spread finish
cut purpose separate
client cord interact
strong attach meridians
connect nut nutshell
in a nutshell unique vibrate
produce digest visual
visualize process safe
pull fantastic subject (3)
flood pink light blue
stabilize insomnia fatigue
available major web (2)
website wonderful gift
include all over country (2)
control responsibility definitely
appointment replace emphasize
quickly religion eclectic
science skeptical horrible
burn calm calm down
dissipate swell kiss
thing step (2) step by step




1. What is pranic healing?

2. Janet pressed the palm of her hands to…..

3. What are some feelings in the hand?

4. What happens in sweeping?

5. Why does Janet flick her hands into the water and wash her hands in the stringent of lavender oil?

6. Why is the spine emphasized?

7. The healer has to always be closer. True or false?

8. Does pranic healing cleanse the physical body, literally?

9. The energizing comes from her body. Yes or no?

10. What are the three stages of pranic healing?

11. What is special about the solar plexus?

12. The direction of hand movement (clockwise, counterclockwise) makes a difference. True or false?

13. Why does the healer “cut the cord or connection” between him or her and the patient?

14. Different chakras have different colors. Yes or no?

15. Only advanced healers should use different colors. Is this correct or wrong?

16. Can anyone learn pranic healing? If yes, how?

17. Does pranic healing require religious or scientific belief?

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