Prague Czech Republic

Prague, one




agree amazing think/thought/thought (2)
place thing (2) continent
offer nightlife come/came/come
keep welcome good/better/best
bar (2) look like meet/met/met (2)
nice kind of cheap/cheaper/cheapest
cuisine compact out of a story
bridge magical charming
metro share (3) begin/began/begun
great amazing know/knew/known
excited let’s say quarter (2)
price mean (3) per capita
use buck (2) ride/rode/ridden
claim kind (2) claim to fame
fame beverage through (2)
fun view (2) stand/stood/stood (2)
abroad average drink/drank/drunk
funny have fun say/said/said
per thing (2) get/got/got-gotten
brew original capital (2)
expect of course square (3)
century whoever come back
scene judge (3) wear/wore/worn
unique look for feel/felt/felt (2)
hop probably effectively
hop on heavy (2) cobblestone
tram cover (2) last but not least
scatter honestly stunned (2)
site subway come/came/come
castle medieval around (2)
vibe less/least date back to
take in wild (2) old/older/oldest
look at whether come back to
rest (3) weather rest of my life






I think we can all agree that Europe is an amazing place with so many things to offer. After visiting every country on the continent, most of them twice, there is one place that I keep coming back to because I truly think it’s the best.

And that city is called Prague.

Welcome to Prague, a place where East meets West, where beer is cheaper than water and where everyday views look like this. And this. And this.

Local Male One: “It’s a nice kind of compact city. It’s beautiful.”
Female One: “It’s so magical; it’s out of a story.”
Local Male, Two: “After the best looking women in the world, Czech Republic has also the best beer in the world.”

I honestly don’t even know where to begin: Charles Bridge . . . John Lennon Wall . . . Dancing House . . . Jewish Quarter . . . Old Town Square . . . Riegrovy Sady . . .

Just everything about this city is amazing. It’s peaceful. The people are nice. The food is great. This city has always been my home since I lived and studied abroad here for five months in 2012.

And I’m so beyond excited to share with you why I think it’s the best city in Europe.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Let’s start with the prices. The Czech Republic uses the Koruna, not the Euro. This means that things are much cheaper here than in western Europe; a 10-minute Uber ride is four bucks. An amazing AirBnb like this is a hundred bucks a night and a plate of svichkova is about five bucks.

But while Czech cuisine isn’t anything too special, they do have a claim to fame in the food and beverage department and that is through its beer.

Local Male, Two: “So we’re standing in front of a typical Czech bar where businessmen are drinking beer with uh let’s say the average Joe — and they’re having fun.”

Presenter: “Let’s go get a beer!”
Local Male Two: “Yeah!”

Czechs drink more beer per capita than any other country: 161 liters per person per year.

Local Male, One: “Probably my first beer was at like 13.”

And they’ve been brewing the original Pilsen for over a thousand years.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

And of course with a heavy beer drinking culture, you better expect to find a wild nightlife scene.

The culture of Prague is so special because you can really be whoever you want. You can wear whatever you want and nobody will judge you; nobody will look at you funny. This is very unique.

Prague is big enough to feel like a city, yet small enough to feel like a village.

Local Male, One: “You kind of feel that everybody knows each other here.”

Yes, it’s the capital of the Czech Republic, but you can walk from one end to the other in about an hour.

And even if you don’t like walking, then hop on a tram or metro which efficiently covers every single part of the city.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Last but not least one cannot come to Prague without being stunned by its charming cobblestone streets and historical sites. Scattered around the city are medieval castles like the Tyn Church, Nameste Miru and Yyshrad.

But nothing is more eye-opening than Prague Castle, one of the oldest castles in the world dating back to the 9th century.

So whether you’re looking for big city life, small world vibes or just a place to take in the magic, Prague is your city and I will always be coming back here for the rest of my life.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Castle, Fortress, Palace.
The presenter’s favorite cities in Europe are Paris and London. True or false? Is he unique? Does only he feel this way?

Parliamentary Building, Congress, Senate. Is Prague in north, south, east, west or middle of Europe? Is it a huge metropolitan city like New York City?

Church, Cathedral. Prague is an entirely new, modern city. Is this right or wrong?

Plaza, City Square. Is Prague a wonderful place only because of it’s old, historical buildings?

City Center. Did the presenter first come to Prague as a tourist?

Museum, Art Gallery. Because Prague is in the euro-zone, everything there is expensive. Is this correct or incorrect?

Opera House, Theater. Is Prague most famous for its dumplings and sausages?

Park, Botanical Garden. According to the video, are Czechs introverted? Do they mostly stay at home and surf the internet and watch TV?

Government Building, Department, Bureau, Ministry. Are people in Prague conservative, traditional and conformist, or free and individualistic? Does Prague have a car culture? Are the people of Prague auto-maniacs?
University, College. I am from Prague. I come from Prague. I live in Prague. True or false? Have you or your friends visited Prague? What do you or your friends think of Prague?

Statue, Sculpture. Why is Prague so beautiful, cultural, historical and fun?

Fountain, Water Fountain. What are some great, interesting or exotic places that you have been to? What is your favorite place? Describe this place.

Market, Open Market, Bazaar. My friends and I would like to live in Prague. Yes or no? Would you like to live, work, study or visit Prague?

Souvenir Stand, Souvenir Stalls. What might happen in the future?

Street Musician, Street Artist. What can or should people, businesses and governments do?

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