A Scientist

Luis talks about his work, life, and philosophy.



follow institute wonderful
impact research basically
map climate change (2)
name namely pretty (2)
risk scientist vegetation
empty try/tried across (2)
for me obvious avoidable
trend mankind evolution
tasty lay/laid climate change
stone scale (2) globalization
path mean (3) challenge
local attitude reflect (2)
main even (2) all the way
CO2 scale (3) emit/emission
part process ever since
still commit understand/understood/understood
trans codfish take/took/taken
task enhance make/made/made
variety country (2)




1. Who is this person? What’s his name?

2. Where is he from? Where does he live and work?

3. What is his job? What does he do?

4. Globalization is modern and recent. Yes or no?

5. Do people live in isolation or are they all interconnected? Give examples.

6. What makes him happy?

7. Is his favorite food beef and chicken?

8. He wants to visit Russia. Why does he want to visit Russia?

A. Do you live in Portugal? Are you from Portugal? Have you been to Portugal?

B. Have you met people from Portugal? What were they doing?

C. Describe the climate and geography of Portugal.

D. Describe the economy of Portugal. What does it import and export?

E. What are some problems of Portugal?

F. What is Portuguese food or cuisine like?

G. What are some tourist attractions (cultural, historical, natural)?



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