The Polyglot Girl




ear planet fantastic
birth boney dinosaur
tail correct run along
lungs breathe stegosaurus
bow pass (3) plate (2)
text Earth present (2)
gift smart solar system
tail dream coincidence
grow row (3) interest (2)







Eli: “How are you? My name is Eli. What’s your name?”
Bella: “My name is Bella.”
Eli: “Wow, Bella. You’re very beautiful today. Are you looking for something?”
Bella: “Yes.”
Eli: “What are you looking for?”
Bella: “I’m looking for my present.”
Eli: “Oh, that’s fantastic. Well, I’ll tell you what. If you pass a little test, we can help you find your present, okay?”

“So over here, we’re going to have a question for you. Can you read the question and then answer it?”

Bella: “Dinosaur has two rows of boney plates that run along it’s back and tail.”
Eli: “Okay, so which dinosaur is it?”
Bella: “Stegosaurus.”
Eli: “That’s correct! Wonderful job, Bella.”

Chinese Teacher: “If you want your present, you have to answer three questions, okay?”
Bella: “Okay.”
Chinese Teacher: “The first question: what do we see with?”
Bella: “We see with our eyes.”
Chinese Teacher: “Perfect! The second question: what do we hear with?”
Bella: “We hear with our ears.”
Chinese Teacher: “Wonderful! The third question: what do we breathe with?”
Bella: We breathe with our lungs.”
Chinese Teacher: “Perfect! All correct!”

Spanish Teacher: “I’ll help you only if you sing me a song. Do you know any songs?”
Bella: “Yes.”
Spanish Teacher: “Sing it then!”

German Teacher: “Will you play with me?”
Bella: “Yes.”
German Teacher: “I can see something that you don’t see. And it’s green.”
Bella: “It’s the letter ‘O’!”
German Teacher: “Correct! Very good, Bella! Can you bow for me?”

French Teacher: “Right, you’ll now see a text here. And you’ll have to read it, ok?”
Bella reads the French text.
French Teacher: “Very good!”

Arabic Teacher: “First question: what planet do you live on?”
Bella: “I live on planet Earth.”
Arabic Teacher: “Very good! Second question: what’s in the center of the solar system?”
Bella: “The Sun!”
Arabic Teacher: “Great! You are very smart! Do you want to know where your present is? Give me your hand; let’s go and find your gift!”

Host: “Let’s see what’s in there!”
Arabic Teacher: “Wow!”
Host: “Wow! What a beauty! So you understand, this tail is not a coincidence. It was Bella’s dream.”

Hostess: “Only one question: HOW?”
Yulia Devyatkina, Bella’s Mother: “We’ve been learning languages from birth. We started with just two: Russian and English. But when we saw her interest growing, we added new languages bit by bit.

And that’s how we got to seven!”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Dog. Who is the girl? What is her name? How old is she?

Cat. In the video, Bella was at school. True or false?

Mouse. Is Bella illiterate? Can Bella read? What did she read about?

Bird. Did she read only in English?

Cow. Bella knows anatomy. She knows about body parts. Yes or no? Give examples.

Horse. What did she talk about in Arabic?

Bear. Can Bella sing and dance? Give examples. Was Bella standing still or was she moving around?

Fish. Did she win a present? What was her present?

Rabbit. Can Bella speak ten languages? What where the first languages that she learned? What languages can she speak?
Squirrel. How many languages can you speak? What languages do you wish you could speak?

Deer. I have friends and colleagues who can speak several different languages. Is this correct or incorrect?

Lion. What languages do people in your city and country speak? Are they bilingual or trilingual?

Elephant. Should children start learning foreign languages at a young age?

Whale. What will happen in the future?

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