pole performance

The Pole Performance



sir (2) daredevil believe it or not
clown part-time get into it
talent afraid of generation
laugh good luck industry (2)
high feet (2) dangerous
comic presume believe (2)
hope full-time entertainer
worst thing (2) perspective
splat maestro in front of
tape (2) hit the tape







Simon: Hello there.
Bello Nock: Hi.
Simon: What’s your name, sir, please?
Bello Nock: My name is Bello Nock — It’s my real name.
Simon: Do you have a family? Are you married?
Bello Nock: Yes, I have three kids, and believe it or not — I even have a granddaughter.
Simon: No?
Bello: Yeah.
Simon: How old are you?
Bello: I’m 47.
Simon: This is your full-time job, yeah?
Bello: Yes sir.
Simon: And how did you get into it.
Bello: Well seven generations of my family have been entertainers.
Simon: Tell me why you’ve entered the show.
Bello: Well this is America’s Got Talent, and there’s nothing bigger in the entertainment industry than this.
Simon: I can see something in front of you. I presume you’re going to go up that.

Is this dangerous?

Bello: Um . . . yes. That is thirty-seven (37) feet (11.3 meters) high. I’m a comic daredevil. I laugh at things that most daredevils are afraid of doing. I’m hoping to change everyone’s perspective of what a clown is.

I’m different.

Simon: And what’s the worst thing that could happen if this goes wrong?
Bello Nock: SPLAT!
Simon: Okay, good luck.

Bello Nock: Hahaha! Maestro, hit the tape!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


211. Bello Nock is single (not married). True or false?

212. Is he young, middle-aged or old?

213. His family runs businesses like restaurants and shops. Is this right or wrong?

214. Is Bello nervous, scared or confident?

215. Bello sang for the audience. Is this correct or incorrect?

216. What was the reaction of the judges and audience? How did they feel?

217. Was the performance very hard (difficult) for Bello?


A. I was surprised (or shocked) by Bello’s performance. Yes or no?

B. I have seen circus acts and performances before.

C. Do you know anyone who is a daredevil?

D. Are circus and talent shows popular?

E. What will happen in the future?


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