plinko price right 1

Plinko, 1




seem nervous confidence
bid jealous touch (2)
cliff come on see/saw/seen
listen actual come on up
glad case (3) come/came/come
retail jelly (2) win/won/won
salon play (2) good luck
lucky worth know/knew/known
stairs display serving (3)
item across work out (2)
stage step (3) gorgeous
skin remove painlessly
tone include dermatology
cut against place (2)
host lithium instantly
slice buck (3) contestant
chop shred ingredient
flow chip (3) continuous
mini healthy devastated
pop shine bad/worse/worst
gloss style (2) against the wall
darn air (2) shape (2)
mess nail (2) pretty (2)
price approve one at a time
nick up to (2) pretty good






Drew Carry, Host: “Twelve fifty-one. Tiffany.”
Tiffany, Contestant: “One dollar.”
Drew Carry, Host: “One dollar! Tiffany seems nervous about one dollar.

Usually people bid one dollar with a lot of confidence. Tiffany feels like she doesn’t know.

Stepping off a cliff. The actual retail price is seven-hundred and forty dollars. Tiffany, come on up.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Drew Carry, Host: “Good to see you. What’s going on? You were so nervous about the dollar and it worked out.”

Tiffany, Contestant: “I listened to my mom!”
Drew Carry, Host: “She listened to her mom. Well, you’re going to be glad you listened to your mom.

And now listen to George Gray.”

George Gray, Announcer: “Tiffany, your mom’s gonna be so jelly, because you’re gonna play Plinko! And win up to fifty-thousand dollars!”

Host: “Here’s a lucky Plinko chip worth up to ten-thousand dollars. You can win four more: a total of five chips worth up to fifty-thousand dollars ($50,000).

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

But first, you have to know the prices of the small items we have in out display cases over there across the stage by Rachel Reynolds.

George, let’s see the first one please.

1. George, Announcer: “Alright, well Drew, first up, you can get gorgeous with finishing touches with the Yes Hair Remover for any skin tone. Yes removes hair instantly and painlessly without any nicks or cuts.

Dermatologist approved with lithium battery included.”

Drew, Host: “Tiffany, does the price of that start with a two or end in a zero?”
Tiffany, Contestant: “Starts with a two.”
Drew, Host: “Starts with a two . . . It is . . . No, forty bucks. Next one please.”

George, Announcer: “Alright, we’re gonna get this one, Tiffany. Second, you can chop, slice and shred ingredients in this four cup, continuous-flow, mini-food chopper.”

Drew, Host: “Alright the mini-food chopper. Does the price of that start with a five or end in a two?”
Tiffany, Contestant: “Starts with a five.”
Drew, Host: “Starts with a five. It is . . . Fifty-seven bucks. Next please.”

3. George, Announcer: “From a chopper to a popper, third, you can make up to four servings of healthy popcorn with this hot-air popper.”

Drew, Host: “Starts with an eight or ends with a six?”
Tiffany, Contestant: “Ends with a six.”
Drew, Host: “Ends with a six, her mom says . . . Ohhh! Ahh! Listen to your mom. Yes, she looks devastated. She takes it worse than you do. Next one please.”

4. George, Announcer: “Alright, let’s get this one, Tiffany. Finally, now you can get salon-beautiful nails at home with Naked Nails. It glosses, shines and shapes nails in minutes with no chemicals or mess. It’s the fast and easy way to natural-looking shiny nails.”

Drew, Host: “Does the price of that start with a four or ends in a five?”
Tiffany, Contestant: “Starts with a four?”
Drew, Host: “Starts with a four . . . it is . . . “Aw, man. Darn it. Two chips.

Let’s make the most of it, Tiffany. Come on over here.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Drew, Host: “Up the stairs you go. Good luck.

One chip at a time. Place it against the wall, drop it, ten-thousand is right in the middle here.

On the middle, come on the middle . . . thousand dollars. One thousand dollars. Ten thousand in the middle. Ten thousand in the middle . . .

There it goes . . .

Oh, you’ve got fifteen-hundred bucks ($1,500). Come here Tiffany. Pretty good.

Fifteen-hundred bucks. Good bless you.

Tiffany, Contestant: “Thank you.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Car. Tiffany was invited to play Plinko. Tiffany was scheduled to play Plinko. The show had pre-arranged for Tiffany to play Plinko. True or false?

Yacht, Boat. Did everyone in the audience wear formal attire? Was everyone wearing formal clothes?

Food Mixer. In the first game, contestants have to answer trivial questions, such as “How many legs does an octopus have?” Or “Who invented the wheel?” Is this right or wrong?

Electric Shaver. Were the store items electronics goods, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, mouses, headphones and microphones?

Hair Dryer. Did Tiffany choose the right prices? Did she get the correct prices?

Television. To play Plinko, did Tiffany have to know geography?

Stereo Set. Tiffany won one million dollars. Is this correct or incorrect?

Sofa, Armchair. Was the audience bored, sleepy and tired?
Curtains. I have played on a TV game show. My friends have played in TV game shows. Yes or no?

Bed, Bed frame, Mattress. Are game shows popular in your city, region and country? What are the most popular TV game shows? What’s your favorite game show?

Dining Table and Chairs. Why are there game shows? How do game shows function?

Stove, Oven. My colleagues, classmates, friends and I would like to participate in a game show.

What might happen in the future?

Refrigerator, Freezer. Do you have any ideas for a game show? What could or should people and businesses do?

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