The Pink Tribute Act




act amazing please (2)
tribute look like dream (2)
hope get rid of come true
vocal absolute do for a living
based based on be yourself
chance confused get away from
stage image (2) pretty good
blow it average take the time
lane identity off you go
pity audition mess up (2)






Zoe Alexander: I’ve been doing the Pink Tribute Act for two years now: it’s the best thing in the world when you love your job, cause I get to perform. It makes me so happy. And if makes other people happy and it makes me happy as well.

I just want to please people.

Doing Pink is amazing.

I LOVE it.

But it’s a day job, you know.

This is a career: I want to be Zoe. Do what I love today, it would be an absolute dream come true.

It means everything to me. It’s what I do.

It means a lot to me.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Louis: Hello.
Zoe Alexander: Hello.
Louis: What’s your name?
Zoe Alexander: My name’s Zoe.
Louis: Zoe what?
Zoe Alexander: Zoe Alexander.
Louis: Zoe, where are you from?
Zoe Alexander: I’m from Caerphilly, south Wales.
Louis: You look like Pink. Do a lot of people tell you that you look like Pink?
Zoe Alexander: Yes, that’s what I do for a living.
Louis: What:
Zoe Alexander: I’m a Pink tribute artist.
Louis: What do you call yourself?
Zoe Alexander: I call myself “Zoe Alexander as Pink”. But we want to get rid of the “as Pink”. And we want to just be “Zoe Alexander”.
Louis: So what are you hoping to get out today?
Zoe Alexander: I’m hoping to get four yeses. But after that, a bit of an identity — my own identity.
Louis: And are your father and mother with you today?
Zoe Alexander: Yes, my dad’s a Tom Jones Tribute Act. And my mom’s auditioning Shania Twain.
Louis: Really? So we’ve got Shania Twain, Tom Jones and Pink in the same house. Um, Zoe, what are you going to sing?
Zoe Alexander: I’m going to sing “So What?” by Pink.
Louis: Okay, off you go.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Tulisa: Okay, um . . . I actually liked your image when you came out and you told me about Pink and I realized you based it on Pink . . .
Zoe Alexander: I didn’t base it on Pink. I’m trying to get away from the Pink thing.
Tulisa: Okay, your problem is that you came out saying you wanted to find your own identify — it’s very confusing to me because I felt like I was watching a Pink Tribute Act.
Louis: Should we get a second song? I want to you a chance, because you blew it on that. Can you be yourself?
Zoe Alexander: Yes.
Louis: What are you going to sing, Zoe?
Zoe Alexander: Emeli Sandé
Louis: And be you. Be you. Be you.
Zoe Alexander: I’m always being me, whenever I’m on stage.
Louis: We’re trying to help you.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Louis: Okay, thank you Zoe. Uh, Nicole.
Nicole: Hi, Zoe. I really like your energy up there. I think you have a pretty good voice. I honestly think that you need to go away and take the time to find yourself as an artist, who you are.
Gary Barlow: Yeah Zoe, I’m confused with the identity issue, coming out wanting an identify, then saying you’re Pink. I thought the second song was much better. But I think you need to go away and find your own lane, find what sounds right for your voice, because at the moment it just sounds just like every other average singing voice.
Louis: Yeah, Zoe it’s a pity because you’ve got a great look; you absolutely look like a pop star — but the vocal is just very, very average. I think in time it could be fantastic. But you need to go and find yourself and come back as Zoe.

We’re going to vote. Gary.
Gary: Zoe, I’m afraid it’s a no for me.
Nicole: I’m sorry, it’s a no today.
Tulisa: Sorry, it’s a no for now.

Zoe Alexander: You told me to sing a Pink song. And it was a Pink song. You guys.
Tulisa: We never told you to sing a Pink song.
Zoe Alexander: I wanted to be me. You told me to sing a Pink song.
Tulisa: We never told you to sing a Pink song. Did you hear that come out of our mouths?
Louis: We had a second song from you as well. Zoe, it was your audition — and you messed up. I’m sorry.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Zoe’s regular job is a bar hostess. True or false?

2. Does she consider singing and entertaining people very hard, grueling work?

3. Zoe wants to be like Pink for the rest of her life. Is this right or wrong?

4. Did she come to Britain’s Got Talent with her boyfriend?

5. Did Zoe sing one or two songs? Why did she sing a second song?

6. There was confusion and an argument over whether Zoe was like Pink or being herself. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. What happened in the end?


A. What do you think of Zoe’s performance (as a singer)?

B. I was shocked by her reaction to the judges’ feedback and decision. I was shocked by her behavior. Yes or no?

C. Should people try to be like their role-models, idols or heroes; or should they be themselves, neither, both, or in the middle?

D. Are there people in your city or country who behave similarly to Zoe?

E. Did Zoe’s behavior make a difference in terms of the number of views of this video on YouTube?

F. Do you or any of your friends want to be famous?


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