pinata store pinata district

The Pinata Shop




CRO improve sell/sold/sold
retire improve generation
candy confection downtown
unique focus (2) see/saw/seen
process various think/thought/thought
main boulevard hit/hit/hit (2)
import handmade sell/sold/sold
culture take over manufacture
adapt withstand traditional
strong trade (2) trade secret
district Millennial make/made/made
item block (4) over the years
trend Hispanic drive/drove/driven (2)






We sell tens of thousands of pinatas a year for every occasion. My name is Chris Luna. I’m the CFO for Raquel’s Candy ‘N’ Confections in the Pinata District.

So we manufacture a lot of the pinatas here in downtown LA. Everything is handmade. Anything that you can think of, we can make.

So the pinata-making process is very unique because they have to be very strong to withhold various hits. And we sell it to our main store that’s here off Olympic Boulevard.

Our business, Raquel’s, has been around since the ’80s. My parents were the first to import a lot of this traditional Hispanic products. They actually retired about 18 years ago, and that’s when three brothers took over the business.

We are a new generation, adapting to this industry. We saw that pinatas are unique. We’re just trying to look at something that not everyone does and something that not everyone can do. That’s kind of why we focused a lot more on the pinatas.

There is a certain trade secrets to it that we improved our process over the years. You know, we’re Millennials ourselves, so we’re very technology-driven. We’re trying to see what items, what technology, what machines we can use to improve this process.

We actually manage the pinata district, which is two or three blocks here in downtown LA that sells nothing but pinatas.

The pinatas have been trending for last, I would say, six to ten years. You have different cultures that want that in their parties. When you go shopping at our business, it’s like you’re already at a party.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Blue. Is the pinata business doing well? Is it successful or a failure? Is it making lots of money?

Red. Pinatas are only for New Year’s celebrations. True or false?

Green. Does Raquel’s Candy and Confections only sell pinatas? What do they sell?

Beige. They import the pinatas from China. Is this right or wrong?

Brown. Are their pinatas made in factories by machines and robots?

Black. Do they make only three types of pinatas?

Violet Is Raquel’s Candy and Confections a family-run business?

Grey People only shop and buy items in the Pinata District. Is this correct or incorrect?


Purple. I have seen pinatas in stores and celebrations in my city. Yes or no?

White. Do you have a similar custom? How do children celebrate birthdays and other parties and festivals?

Gold. Could pinatas become popular in your country?

Silver. Are there festival or decorative crafts in your city?

Pink. What sort of gifts or presents would you like in a pinata?

Orange. What might happen in the future?

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