pinata factory Arizona

Pinatas in Arizona




stone order (3) couple (2)
own attention make/made/made
factory specialize custom (2)
scissors princess generation
sibling structure grow/grew/grown
crown decorate step father
glitter dress (2) cut/cut/cut
cute grow up beat/beat/beaten
lately beat it up see/saw/seen
avenue unicorn draw attention
draw/drew/drawn (2)






The Pinata Factory on Stone Avenue is owned by Tito Alcaraz and Denia Arizona. The couple makes custom pinatas. Rebeka Zepeda, Arrizon’s daughter, talks about the family business.

At the Pinata Factory, we make customized pinatas. We specialize in custom order.

My stepdad has been making pinatas all his life. He’s the fourth generation of pinata makers. He grew up with his brothers and sisters. He had a lot of sibling, and they all made pinatas.

My stepdad usually makes the structure and then my mom decorates. She cuts the paper with scissors. Then she puts on the face and everything. If it’s princess, she’ll do the dress, she’ll make the crown.

The most popular design right now is the unicorn, the colorful unicorn. Many girls like the unicorn pinata because it’s very colorful, it’s glittery and it’s very cute.

The Donald Trump pinata has been very popular lately. We put outside so people can see it. And it draws a lot of attention.

Most of the people who like the Trump pinata like it because they want to beat it up.

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1st. First Question. The Pinata Factory in Arizona is a giant complex with hundreds of employees and lots of heavy machines. True or false?

2nd. Second Question. Does the Pinata Factory have a CEO and board of directors, or is it a family-own business?

3rd. Third Q. They only make three kind of pinatas. Is this right or wrong?

4th. Fourth. At the Pinata Factory, is pinata making a family tradition?

5th. Fifth. Do the father and mother each make individual, separate pinatas? What material do they use to make pinatas?

6th. Sixth. Currently, the most popular pinata is the Captain America pinata. Is this correct or incorrect? Why is the unicorn pinata the most popular?

7th. Seventh. Is there a political aspect to their business?

M. Monday. I have seen pinatas in stores and celebrations in my city. Yes or no?

N. Tuesday. Do you have a similar custom? How do children celebrate birthdays and other parties and festivals?

O. Wednesday. Could pinatas become popular in your country?

P. Thursday. Are there festival or decorative crafts in your city?

Q. Friday. What sort of gifts or presents would you like in a pinata?

R. Saturday and Sunday. What might happen in the future?

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