piano show

The Piano Concert



stage show (2) somersault
juggle talented play the piano
practice fantastic classical music
prodigy amazing incredible
club (2) forwards backwards






1. Vova (the boy performer) walked on to the stage. True or false?

2. Both Vova and Olga (the girl performer) began playing together. Is this right or wrong?

3. Were they only juggling individually or did they also juggle as a pair?

4. Did Vova and Olga only play the piano, or juggle; or could they juggle and play the piano at the same time?

5. What did they juggle with? Did they juggle only balls, only clubs, or both balls and clubs?

6. They only performed regular, normal juggling. They only juggled a few styles. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. Did they juggle only face to face or did they also juggle back to back?


A. What do you think of Vova and Olga’s performance? Was it terrible, mediocre, average, good, great or super fantastic?

B. How did they become so good? Was it natural talent and ability, did they train and practice a lot, or both?

C. Can you or your friends play the piano?

D. Have you seen juggling performances?

E. What will happen to Vova and Olga?


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