The Pianist



judge brilliant consultancy
stage fantastic dream (2)
hope impress arrangement
grab investor put together
cusp obsessed give it my all
real life orchestra collaborate
melody combine dream come true
vote relation obviously






Simon: “Hi. So what’s your name?”
Nicholas Bryant: “My name is Nick.”
Simon: “Nick . . . “
Nicholas Bryant: “Nicholas Bryant. And I’m here to play the piano.”
Simon: “Really?”
Nicholas Bryant: “Yes.”
Simon: “So what do you do in real life?”
Nicholas Bryant: “I work for an investors’ relations consultancy.”
Simon: “Is that like a bank?”
Nicholas Bryant: “Um, yeah.”
Simon: “Okay, you’re good with numbers, but while you’re doing that, what you’re thinking is, what I really want to be is . . . “
Nicholas Bryant: “Performing. Getting my music out there.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

My name is Nicholas. I’m 33 and I’m a pianist.

The piano is a special instrument because it combines the cusp of elements of music, with a melodic side. You can make really beautiful melodies.

I play the piano whenever I can. I’m a bit obsessed. It’s a totally new arrangement.

This means a lot. I’m going to give it my all today. I hope I can impress the judges and the public.”

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Simon: “Right, the stage is yours; grab it.”
Nicholas Bryant: “Thanks.”

Amanda: “Oh my gosh, they’re over there!”

Alesha: “Oh my goodness, I didn’t know where to look. That was one of the most brilliantly put together performance I think I’ve ever seen.


David: “What are you actually called? You can’t all just be called ‘Nicholas Bryant’ can you?”

Nicholas Bryant: “We’re called the Collaborative Orchestra.”

David: “That’s fantastic. Really, Really Special.”

Nicholas Bryant: “You know what we’d really like to do is to be able to perform in front of the Queen.

That would be a dream come true for us.”

Simon: “Time for the vote. David.”
David: “Well obviously, I’m going to say ‘yes’!”
Alesha: “Oh I loved it. It’s yes for me.”
Amanda: “Yes for me.”
Simon: “Easiest yes I’ve given today. Four yeses.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Piano. In the beginning, Nicholas told the judge that he was going to play the piano. Is this true or false?

Keyboard, Synthesizer. Is Nicholas a full-time, professional pianist? What is his day job? What does he do in real life?

Electric Guitar. His ultimate goal is to become a really successful investors’ relations consultant. Is this right or wrong? Does he want to be a very successful businessman?

Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar. What happened in the beginning of Nick’s performance?

Drums. Did it stay like this? What happened later?

Flute. How did the audience feel? What was their reaction?

Trumpet. Is the name of the group “Nicholas Bryant”? What is their goal? What do they want?

How did the judges vote?
Trombone. What did you think at the beginning of the performance? Were you surprised by what had happened? Did you like their performance?

Tuba. Can you or your friends play the piano or other musical instruments?

Clarinet. Did your school have a band or music class? Or, does your school have a band or music class?

French Horn. There is a symphony orchestra in my city. Yes or no? Where do they play? Is there a concert hall or opera theater? Are they full time professional musicians?

Xylophone. Is the symphony orchestra popular, or do people prefer pop music, or do they like both?

Violin. What will happen in the future?

People, especially children, should learn to play a musical instrument. What do you think?


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