phad gra phao

Fired Basil Kiosk

Joy owns and operates a phad gra phao stall.


claim ground province
focus cement industry
spice snack prepare
meat funny ground meat
wok get off ingredient
dose aroma take away
chili emerge help out
beef add (2) popular
pork frozen selection
fresh mince customer
basil hot (2) top it off
rent across fry/fried
main located outdoor
fun indoor right (4)
garlic include drive/drove/driven
fierce heat up competition
kiosk search take to the street
earn supply on their way
extra bit (2) dream (2)





The province of Sana Buri claims to be the home of Thailand’ best rice. The focus of economic life here is the cement industry. Many of the people who work in it, live in Kankoi, a two hour drive northeast of Bangkok.

This is where Joy Pantong prepares one of Thailand’s most popular snacks: Phad Gra Phao, rice with ground meat and basil. Joy’s husband, Solasig helps out after he gets off work in the afternoon. Meanwhile their daughter does her homework.

The wok is ready. The first ingredient is a healthy does of chili.

Joy Pantong, Food Stall Holder: “Chili, oil, and garlic. When the aroma’s fully emerged, I add the meat.”

The minced pork is frozen. The hot peppers are fresh. And then the spice that gives Joy’s kiosk its name: fried basil. To top it off, a fried egg.

Joy rents her kiosk. It’s well located on a main street right across from an indoor market. Joy has a ready supply of fresh ingredients, including a large selection of vegetables, and meat.

But competition is fierce. Many people take to the street in search of customers. Joy’s customers take away the food to heat up later at home.

It’s easier than cooking for themselves. They’re on their way.

For Sunlasik, the kiosk is a way of earning a bit of extra money, and Joy has always liked cooking. It’s not my dream job, but it’s still fun, especially since I used to work in a factory.

The family won’t have to wait long for the next customers.

Joy’s Thai specialty costs less than a euro. A good bargain indeed.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *




1. The main industries of Sanaburi Province is tourism and electronics. True or false?

2. Does Joy Pantong own an operate a restaurant or a street food stall?

3. What is phad gra phao made of? It is made of . . . . . . . . .

4. Solasig, Joy’s husband, works at the food stall full-time job. Is this right or wrong?

5. Does Joy add and cook all the ingredients at the same time?

6. Is obtaining fresh ingredients difficult? Is it a problem?

7. There are many street food vendors (hawkers). Is this correct or wrong?

8. Why do many people buy Joy’s phad gra phao?

9. Why does Joy run a food kiosk?
A. Are you a street food vendor or hawker?Do you know anyone who operate a food stall?

B. Street food is more delicious than restaurant meals. Do you agree?

C. Are street food stalls and vendors popular in your city?

D. My friends and I would like to own and operate a food stall. Yes or no?

E. What might happen in the future?

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