parts of speech

Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech

Words can be divided into the different parts of speech based on their grammatical features, function and position a sentence.

The traditional parts of speech are the noun, pronoun, verb, adjective, adverb, preposition, conjunction and interjection. Below are some examples to illustrate their meaning.
Examples of Parts of Speech

Noun Pron. Verb Adj. Adverb Prep.
cow I be strong slowly under
popcorn you discover rich there next to
gold we scream angry late below
Ralph they relax young hard outside
president she forget broken hardly opposite
magic he win yucky noisily inside
mountain it move delicious always behind
Spain me cheat creamy nervously near
values them ferment light really between
freedom her flirt tropical generally behind





Cow. In local stores, most dairy products and milk come from goats and sheep. True or false?

Are there many jewelry stores in your city? Are gold jewelry very popular? Do people like to wear gold jewelry?

Magic. If I could do magic, I would . . . . .

Mountain. I wish I could live in the mountains. I would like to live near mountains. Yes or no?

Spain. Why do many tourists visit Spain? Many tourists come to Spain to . . . Many tourists visit Spain because . . .

Ideals and Values.
The most important ideals and values in life is being successful and having a nice, big house and cars. What do you think?




Discover. Christopher Columbus discovered America. Is this right or wrong?

How do you relax? What are some good ways to relax? I relax by . . .

I sometimes forget where I put my phone. Is this correct or incorrect?

Win/Won/Won. Do you play sports or games in class or at home or online? Who often wins? Who is the biggest winner?

I have moved several times in my life. Yes nor no? If yes, where have you moved to? Have your friends or classmates moved to any house, town, city or country?

Some students cheat in class. If yes, how do they cheat? Do some businesses cheat? If yes, what do they do?





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