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Participles as Adjectives

In this unit, we look at participles used as adjectives.

The basic rule is that the past participle (verb-3) describes how people feel; while present participles (ing-form) describe the agent (thing or person) that makes us feel that way.

● The lecture on the insects of the Amazon rainforest was fascinating. The entomologist gave a very fascinating talk. The audience was fascinated.
● The pupils are bored. They think the activities are boring. And they find the school book rather boring.
● Everyone was thrilled with the amusement park ride! It was a thrilling ride! The ride was thrilling!

Ask, answer, or respond to the following. Say why and give examples.

Daily Living, Life

14. My neighbours get annoyed by cell phone rings and beeping car alarms. True or false?

15. The last time I felt very motivated and enthusiastic was when __________

16. Do your colleagues get excited during the Holiday Season (Christmas time and New Years)?

17. Who among your friends feels the most fulfilled with his or her life?

18. I feel relaxed in (your grandparents’ cottage in) the countryside. Yes or no?

19. What are some motivating and inspiring books, CDs, speakers, videos, stories or movies you have read, seen or heard?

Hobby and Leisure

20. What is the most thrilling sport or hobby practiced by your friends?

21. My colleagues or classmates are entertained by _________ . What does your best friend find very entertaining?

22. Young people find internet games and smart phones apps to be very amusing. Is this right or wrong?

23. Have you or your friend attended or seen a really captivating TV show or program? Describe it.

Feelings, Emotions

24. The most worrying thing is Armageddon or an Apocalypse. Do you think so?

25. Do any of your friends get depressed? Why? What do they find depressing? How can they cure themselves of this?

26. Name some encouraging or optimistic signs or trends.


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