In The Park




gift celebrate present (3)
album trumpet spring (2)
get up earring give/gave/given
posh confetti leaf/leaves
jazz bracelet get/got/got
fall (2) upscale high-class
ring (2) wrinkle hold/held/hold
ribbon summer met/met/met
bench jewelry rise/rose/risen
winter autumn wheelchair





*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Newborn. The beginning of the video took place at beach. True or false?

Baby, Infant. What season was it? How could you tell it was . . . . . . ?

Child, Kid. Some friends met and started to play football. Is this right or wrong?

Adolescent, Teenager. Was the second scene a classroom?

Adult, Eighteen Year Old. A boyfriend and girlfriend came to a party together. Is this correct or incorrect? Did they just sit, drink and talk?

Boyfriend and Girlfriend. In the park, did the old man and woman start talking about the weather?

Engaged. Did the other person find laptop on their bench? What is the meaning of the video?
Marriage. People like to visit parks. People like to walk in parks. Yes or no? Approximately how many parks are in your city? What do people do in park?

Husband and Wife. How do people find girlfriends or boyfriends? Where do people get girlfriends and boyfriends?

Mother and Father. Old people always reminisce (think fondly) about the old days. True or false? Do old people talk about their young days?

Uncle and Aunt. Do old people want to be young again? Do old people want to reverse aging?

Grandmother and Grandfather. What might happen in the future?

Great-grandmother and Great-grandfather. What could or should people do?

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