Paris in China




luxury sincere apocalypse
located part-time construction
pop up all over grow/grew/grown
famous model (3) build/built/built
ghost full-time look-alike
lack backdrop ghost town
mile land (2) surrounded
tower memory newlywed
original copycat architecture
link one-third everlasting
replica imitation real estate






Paris without people?

No, this isn’t an apocalypse: this is Paris. In China.

Tianducheng is a luxury real estate development — and a Paris look-alike — located in Hangzhou, China.

As China became the world’s fastest growing economy, real estate developments popped up all over the country — some modeled after famous Western cities.

This Chinese Paris started construction in 2007.

And while the city is built to hold ten-thousand (10,000) people, only two-thousand (2,000) live there full-time, making it feel more like a ghost town.

The lack of people could be linked to where Tianducheng is located, surrounded by miles and miles of farmland.

The Eiffel Tower replica is about one-third (1/3) the size of the original, and stands surrounded by copycat French architecture.

And just like the original, it’s a great backdrop for newlyweds looking for an everlasting memory. You know what they say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

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Paris. The report was about Paris, France. True or false? Where is this “Paris” located?

London. China’s economy is growing and more Chinese have more money. Is this right or wrong?

Moscow. Did Chinese developers begin building their Paris in 1783?

Venice. Is the Paris in Hangzhou full of people because everyone loves Paris?

Vienna. Why don’t many people live in Paris, Hangzhou?

Barcelona. The Chinese Eiffel Tower is an exact replica of the real Eiffel Tower. Is this correct or incorrect?

Prague. Has the Chinese Paris succeeded in one respect? What have they succeeded in?


Amsterdam. I live in Paris. I come from Paris. I have visited Paris. Yes or no?

Athens. Would you and your friend like to live or visit Paris or other European cities?

Munich. Does your city resemble a European city, an American city, both or neither?

Do you prefer living in a historical or modern urban landscape and environment?

Stockholm. What might happen in the future?

Dubrovnik. All Countries should build European-style towns or theme parks. What do you think?


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