Pancakes in Kiev


A look at blinis in Kiev, Ukraine.


sort this time this time around
snack order (2) check out
nutty dish (2) around (3)
tsar specialty days of the tsars
flour play (3) heavy (2)
caviar former customer
whey stop by lunch break
ham original made with
choice regulars mushroom
taste light (2) customize
filling made of buckwheat
kiosk joint (2) check (2)
air owner repertoire
sour beyond longs since
cream variety panchetta
airy located spoiled (2)
type flower hands full
mix pancake mayonnaise






This time around, we’re in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. The snack we are checking out is a true, East European specialty. In Hungary, it’s called palachinta. In Ukraine these pancakes are called blinza or blini.

Customer One: “It’s an old Russian dish, not a Soviet one. It was around in the days of the Tsars. They ate theirs with caviar.”

One favorite blini joint in Kiev is Blin Clinton, a play on the name of the former US president. It’s located on a street with busy office buildings. A lot of busy office workers stop by on their lunch break for a snack.

Original Ukrainian blini are made with whey and buckwheat flour. That gives them a nutty taste.

The kiosk owner, Mrs. Betiana, has her hands full, making the light, airy pancakes. Her repertoire has since gone far beyond the classic variety of egg, panchetta and sour cream.

Mrs. Betina, Blini Kiosk Owner: “We make different sorts of blini with different fillings. Some are sweet, some are salty. People eat both breakfast and lunch here.”

Customers are spoiled for choice.

Mrs. Betina, Blini Kiosk Owner: “We have twenty types, and we are always coming up with new combinations. Here we have chicken, ham, mushrooms, and mayonnaise.”

Regulars can order customized blini.

Customer Two: “I live a mix of meat and veggies.”
Journalist: “And?”
Customer Two: “Perfecto!”

One more reason to visit Ukraine.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. The video report was in Budapest, Hungary. True or false?

2. Is there only one word, pancake, for this food?

3. Who are the customers? Are they mostly teenagers and students?

4. There is only one type and flavor of blini. Is this right or wrong?

5. Is Mrs. Betina an employee of the kiosk or is she the proprietor?

6. Are there a few, some or many different ingredients?

7. How do the customers like her blinis? What do they think of her blinis?
A. There are pancake stands or kiosks in my city. Yes or no? What are the different types of flavors?

B. What are some popular snacks or foods in your city?

C. What is your favorite food or snack?

D. My friends and I would like to own or work in a food stall.

E. What will happen in the future?

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