pad of paper

Number One

Time Management Tool



sometimes productive talk (2)
run/ran (2) stuff volunteer
nature travel all aroud the world
answer question organization (2)
system interview fast
inc. pad grow/grew/grown
everything before start
about paper what about
sheet list sheet of paper
power tool night before
all life all my life
clear visible all day long
right (3) add right there
thing tick tick it off
accomplish roll forward
complete next amazing
single (2) every day





Sometimes people ask me why am I so productive. How is it that I can write four books a year, give a hundred talks, run three businesses…and do so much stuff: volunteer, nature, travel all over the world.

Well the answer is my organization system.

And it’s interesting. They interviewed fifty presidents of fast growing companies in Inc. Magazine. And they asked them what time management system do you use.

And forty-nine out of the fifty used a yellow pad where they write down everything before they start.

They say, “What about a Blackberry? What about a time management system, what about…”

No. They just take a sheet of paper, and they write down everything they have to do the night before, and they work from their list all day long.

And you know, that’s what I’ve been doing all my life.

It’s the most powerful time management tool of all.

It’s clear. It’s visible. It’s right there.

You add new things on to it. You tick them off as you accomplish them. You roll forward the things you didn’t complete for the next day.

Most amazing time management system of all is a pad of paper, a pen, and you, every single day.


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. The speaker has accomplished a lot. True or false? Give examples.

2. He is very productive because he is smart and energetic. Yes or no?

3. What did Inc. Magazine do?

4. What was the presidents’ secret?

5. Why is this very effective?

6. What do you do with the list?

7. Is this a very complicated system or method?
A. Have you heard of this system or method before?

B. Do you or your coworkers use this system?


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