The Origin of Spider Man

Part 2



buddy rage (2) just in time
you see field trip how are you doing?
alright crash (2) bite/bit/bitten
fine hurry up what’s that all about
gonna get better knock, knock
sick field (3) goodness me
sweetie hormone sure thing






Auntie: Oh, Hi Sweetie. You’re just . . . just in time for dinner.
Uncle: Ay. How are you doing buddy. How was the field trip?
Peter Parker: I don’t feel well; I’m going to sleep.
Auntie: You won’t have a bite?
Peter Parker: No, thanks. I had a bite.
Uncle: Did you get some pictures, Peter?
Peter Parker: Uh, I gotta crash; everything’s fine.
Uncle: What’s that all about?

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Auntie: Knock, knock! Peter!
Peter Parker: Yeah.
Auntie: Are you alright?
Peter Parker: Ah . . . I’m fine.
Auntie: Any better this morning? Any change?
Peter Parker: Change? Yeah: Big Change!
Auntie: Well, hurry up! You’re gonna be late!
Peter Parker: Right . . . Okay.

.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

Auntie: Goodness me!
Uncle: Haha! I thought you were sick.
Peter Parker: I got better.
Auntie: You see.
Peter Parker: Bye guys.
Auntie: Do you need anything? Have you got your lunch money?
Peter Parker: I’ve got it.
Uncle: Hey, Michelangelo; don’t we’re painting the kitchen right after school. Got it?
Peter Parker: Sure thing, Uncle Ben. Don’t start without me.
Uncle: And don’t start up with me.

Uncle: Teenagers. Ranging hormones. They never change.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Spiderman. This video showed Peter Parker at school. True or false?

Did Peter eat a big dinner with his family (his aunt and uncle)? Did he have a long talk with them? Why did he go upstairs to his room?

Wonder Woman.
Peter had a normal, good night sleep. Is this right or wrong?

Batman and Robin.
What did he notice about his eyeglasses? What did this mean?

Captain America.
Peter’s aunt doesn’t care about him. Is this correct or incorrect?

Iron Man.
The next morning, did Peter feel excited and happy in his room? Why did he feel this way?

The Flash.
Were his aunt and uncle surprised the next morning?


Green Lantern.
I always eat dinner at home with my family. Yes or no?

Do you ever feel sick? Have you ever been ill? How did it feel?

The Atom.
Do you or your friends wear glasses?

Green Lantern.
Is your neighbor very beautiful or handsome?

The Hulk.
Sometimes I have to help my parents do housework.

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