origami cube

Origami Cube



hey anyway crafts
make/made cube sphere
all need all you need
patience a little bit of square
sheet (2) origami paper
start shall we let’s get started
first second (2) third
thing first thing kind (2)
any kind it doesn’t matter really
take/took normal piece
printer fold corner
up down opposite
side like (2) like so
sure make sure exact
crease cut cut off
pair scissors end
perfect all the way piece of paper
half equal flap
each turn turn over
next left right
edge along bottom
opposite way notice
middle wind (2) rewind
watch (2) again practice
really complicated great
represent back link
together process might
pick up first time point (3)
towards hold same
hold/held exactly create
make sure flap always
insert overlap tuck in
flimsy trick tricky
almost flip flip over
away go away probably
inside rather outside
try instructions play with it
until figure (4) figure out
fun wait scoot





Hey Youtubers. Sign543 in the house.

Anyway, so today is crafts day. I’m going to be teaching you how to make an origami cube. Like this.

All you need is about ten minutes of time, a little bit of patience, and six square sheets of origami paper like this. And you can make one just like this.

So let’s get started shall we? Come on.

So the first thing you’re going to need is six square sheets of origami paper – or any kind of paper, it doesn’t really matter what kind.

If you don’t have origami paper, all you have to do is take a normal piece of paper from a printer, fold one corner down to the opposite side, like so. Make sure it’s exact. Fold the crease.

And then you’ll just cut off that piece at the bottom, with a pair of scissors – like so.

What you’ll have at the end is a perfectly square sheet of paper.

So now I’ve started with six sheets of origami paper.

Start with our first piece of paper. Fold it all the way in half like this in order to create a crease down the middle.

Then you’re going to take each side, and fold it up to the crease, so that you have two equal flaps on each side.

Next you’ll want to turn it over so that the flaps are facing down. Start on the left and fold one corner down until the edge is along the bottom. Take the bottom right corner and fold it up in the opposite way.
You’ll notice the two flaps there. That’s all right. Just fold those over. And then take that whole edge, and fold it down until it’s right along side that middle crease. Do it the opposite way and do it on that side.

You may need to rewind this and watch it again. It’s really not complicated. But the first few times may need some practice.

You need six of these.

So do the rest of your sheets just like this.

Great now we have all six pieces of paper done.

You’ll notice that each one has a square back. Each of these represents one of the six sides of the cube.

Now all we have to do is link then together. Let’s do that.

Okay this is where the process might start to look complicated. But it really isn’t complicated at all.

I picked it up the first time it was shown to me and I’m sure you can too.

So take your first side, and have the sides pointing towards you like this. Pick up one of your pieces. And you are going to link these together by turning the other one on it’s back, taking the flap on the first one, and putting it in like that. That’s going to create your first two sides.

Hold those together, take your next piece, and link those two together, in exactly the same way.

Make sure the flaps are always out. Put it in like that. You’ll notice here that we have a flap that’s overlapping the first side. Just tuck that in like that.

And now we have three sides.

The sides aren’t complete yet, but we go back to the openings, the flaps, they’re all by themselves still.

Take another side. Make sure the flaps are out. And again just insert the flaps like so.

Up here we have the blue flap that’s overlapping. Just tuck that in like the first time. It may be tricky with flimsy paper like this.

Just be patient. It’ll work.
We’re almost done. We have three flaps.

Take your next one, and do the same exact thing. Flip it over on the back. Put the blue flap in there.

So take this flap, tuck it in here. And now we only have two flaps left.

Take your last flap. Do it the exact same way with either side, it doesn’t really matter which flaps you work on. You’re all going to do the same thing. Then tuck in this flap right there, like that.

This flap will go away from me. That flap goes in there.

And any flaps that you see that are loose, just tuck them in. That may happen. Actually I missed one of the orange flaps that was underneath like this.

So just pull that back out, see that?

Then tuck it right in like that.

You’ll notice that on the sides, you know all of those lines. If you don’t have those lines, you probably tucked a flap inside instead of over the outside.

Try it a few times. I did pick it up the first time, but it was a little complicated. And I had to have instructions on how to do one side. After that I played with it on my own – and I figured it out.

And there we have our cube.

Now wasn’t that a lot of fun? Now you know exactly how to do that just like I do. And you can show all of your friends.

So what are you waiting for? Go make your origami cube. Scoot!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. Today is crafts day. What does this mean?

2. How long does it take to make an origami cube?

3. What do you need?

4. If you don’t have origami paper, you can’t make a cube. True or false?

5. Can you make a square from photocopy or printer paper? If yes, how do you make square papers?

6. There are two main parts to making an origami cube. What are the two main parts?

7. Is it complicated?

8. Should you practice? If you practice,
A. Have you made origamis before?

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