Oriental carpets one

Oriental Carpets, 1



carpet area (3) good/better/best
iconic weaver considered
skill export province
locals unique intangible
list heritage UNESCO
main add (2) two-thirds
dye import employee
shell pattern nomadic
theme a part of account for
global source traditional
indigo employ show (2)
rank walnut unemployed






The Persian carpet is one of Iran’s most famous handicrafts. And its history dates back at least two-thousand, five-hundred (2,500) years.

It’s a national treasure and embodies the extraordinary imagination of Iranian craftsmen.

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Where are the best Persian carpets from?

There are many areas that produce these iconic carpets. But the weavers in Fars and Kashan are considered to be among the best.

In 2010, the “traditional skills of carpet weaving” in Fars Province and the city of Kashan were added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list.

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Why are Persian carpets so unique?

The main dyes used in Persian carpets are all natural, and locals make color dyes from sources like indigo and walnut shells.

The patterns of carpets usually show themes of nomadic life.

Iran accounts for two-thirds of global carpet exports. Persian carpets rank second among Iran’s exports, and are part of an industry that employs more than eight million people.

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1. This video was filmed in Australia. True or false? Where was it filmed?

2. Is carpet weaving a recent activity or an ancient tradition? In Iran, is carpet making new or is it very old?

3. Do the carpet weavers buy yarn from a large, modern yarn factory? Do they make yarn with machines?

4. Are the best Persian carpets from Turkey and Afghanistan?

5. Have these carpet-making places in Iran been officially recognized?

6. The carpet weavers use yarns colored with chemical dyes. Is this right or wrong?

7. All Persian carpets are made in factories using machines. Is this correct or incorrect?


A. I have Persian, Turkish or other Oriental carpets and rugs in my home. Yes or no?

B. Does you city or country produce decorative or stylistic carpets?

C. Have you ever visited or seen a carpet shop? What did you see inside?

D. What are some traditional crafts in your town, city or country?

E. What might happen in the future?

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