The Opera Singer



trick goose goose bumps
gold press buzzer





Transcript (Translation)

Jorge: Hello, good evening.
Cristina Ramos: Good evening.
Jorge: What’s your name?
Cristina Ramos: My name is Cristina Ramos.
Jorge: Are you the wife of Javier?
Cristina Ramos: Inigo.
Jorge: Exactly, Inigo. Why did you come to Spain’s Got Talent?
Cristina Ramos: I came basically because Inigo tricked me into coming.
Jorge: Let’s go then.

“Cristina Ramos, 37, Singer.”

Edurne is already getting goose bumps.

Edurne: Don’t press it!

Audience: Golden Buzzer! Golden Buzzer!
Jorge: She gave her the Golden Buzzer!

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. In the beginning, Cristina sang a pop song. True or false? Describe her singing and the music.

2. The music changed after about 40 seconds into the performance. Is this right or wrong?

3. Did Cristina “expect” the music to change? What was her reaction when the music changed?

4. What did she do after the music changed?

5. Did the mood of the judges and audience stay the same or did it change?

6. One of the judges rang the red buzzer because he thought Cristina’s performance was boring. Yes or no?

7. The audience and judges loved Cristina’s performance. Is this correct or incorrect? What did one of judges do?


A. What did you think in the beginning of Cristina’s act? What did you think afterwards?

B. What was Cristina’s strategy (plan)?

C. What might happen to Cristina?

D. Is opera singing popular? Are there opera performances in your city?

E. Many people are fans of Hard Rock or Heavy Metal where I live. Yes or no? Do different people, e.g. teens, young adults, middle-aged and elderly people like different types of music?

F. Will teenagers listen to the same type of music when they become old, or will they listen to different types of music?