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One Hour A Day, two



ladder achieve all you need to do
proceed partner (2) put into practice
stumble convention stumble across
vice (2) executive in order to
aside empower tremendous
salary eventually demonstrate
pay off literally co-founder
wage significant mutual funds
income schedule confidence
rut retiree directionless
extra sense (2) superior (2)


One Hour a Day

There is no surer way to move up the corporate ladder (or succeed in general) than by learning more about the industry you’re in.

And all you need to do to achieve this is to study something that can help you succeed — for one hour every day.

After just a month or two of daily study,you can put into practice and demonstrate your knowledge at work — and attract the attention of your superiors or customers.

Convention Planning

During my first real job — as an office boy in a convention-planning firm — I stumbled across the hour-a-day idea by Earl Nightingale. After that, I made it a habit to stay in the office for an hour after everyone else went home in order to learn the convention business.

The Results

In just over a year, I was the executive vice president of the company and the boss of everyone else: six employees, all of whom were significantly older than I was.

In under two years, I owned 25% of the company–simply because, aside from the president, I was the only one who knew how to actually run a large convention from beginning to end.

Mutual Funds

Empowered by my new understanding of the true secret of success, I moved on…turning to other topics during my daily studies.

I studied mutual funds — and eventually become a partner in a mutual-fund group — and, in time, a co-founder of one of the nation’s most successful online banks.

Teens, Unemployed, Career Ruts

In my case, studying just one hour a day has paid off with literally millions of dollars in income and, more importantly, a tremendous sense of confidence in my work and life.

And the beauty of it is that this technique can change the lives of anyone: directionless teenagers; the unemployed; laid off workers; people stuck in mid-career ruts; retirees.


How can you find an extra hour a day in which to study? I’ve found that the best way to proceed is to schedule your study period for the same time each day, either early in the morning or after work in the afternoon or evening.

Study a subject area that can help you change your career and grow rich. Remember, you’ll make an amazing start by studying only one hour a day for six months.

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1. According to the writer, the secret of success in a career or business is……

2. It takes a year to start improving in your work. Is this true or false?

3. What did the writer do? What happened?

4. Bosses, supervisors and managers are always older than subordinates. Is this correct or wrong?

5. Did he remain in the convention business?

6. Was the benefit of studying one hour a day only an increase in income?

7. Only young people starting their careers can benefit. Yes or no?

8. Should you study haphazardly or set aside a regular, daily schedule for studying?
A. Have you or your friend, colleague, or classmate studied a subject very well and become an expert on it?

B. What could you study to advance in your profession, career or business?

C. Name some sources of information or study material.


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