one dollar street foods world

One Dollar Street Foods



umm blend hot dog
serve roll (2) shape (2)
bean vinegar yummy
piece peace sandwiched (2)
bun buttery fry/fried
pan sauce delicious
pork dough mustard
chili filling ketchup






1. New York City, US

Customer: “Hi. Can I buy a hot dog?”
Vendor: “Yeah. Ketchup, mustard?”
Customer: “Yes, please!

Thank you so much!”

Hot Dog: a sausage served in a long roll.

Customer: “So good!”

2. Tokyo, Japan

Customer: “Can I have one taiyaki, please?”
Vendor: “That will be a hundred and eighty (180) yen.”
Customer: “Okay. Thank you very much.”

Taiyaki: A warm, fish-shaped cake with red-bean filling.

Customer: “Umm. It’s so yummy.”

3. Mexico City, Mexico

Cost: twelve (12) pesos.

Customer: “Thank you very much.”

Guajolota: a tamale sandwiched between two pieces of bread.

Customer: “I love it. And this is my breakfast for today.”

3. Shanghai, China

Cost: six (6) yuan.

Customer: “Can I get six pan-fried pork buns, pleas?”
Vendor: “For here or to go?”
Customer: “To go.”
Vendor: “Do you want vinegar and chili sauce?”
Customer: “Yes, please.”

Pan-fried Pork Buns: Pork-filled pan-fried on the bottom. Six yuan ($0.88).

Customer: “There’s so much soup inside. It’s delicious.”

4. Madrid, Spain

Cost: 1 euro

Customer: “Hello. Can I have one porra please?

Thank you very much.”

Porro: fried dough. 1 euro ($1.16).

Customer: “Yummy.”

5. Mumbai, India.

Cost: 100 rupees.

Customer: “Can I have one pav bhaji, please?

Thank you.”

Pav Bhaji: vegetable blend served with buns. 100 Indian rupees ($1.39)

Customer: “So buttery.”

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1. This video was about high-class restaurants in London and Paris. True or false?

2. In New York City, do the street food vendor serve barbeques (grilled meats)?

3. Is the Japanese taiyaki similar to sushi?

4. The customer in Mexico City ate the guajolota on a plate with a fork. Is this right or wrong?

5. Did the customer in Shanghai, China order, receive and eat a bowl of noodle soup?

6. The customer in Madrid, Spain bought and ate a fish platter. Is this correct or incorrect?

7. What is the Indian pav bhaji?

8. Were the street food items very expensive, expensive, in the middle, cheap or very cheap?


A. Street foods are popular in my city. Yes or no? Can people buy and eat street foods? Are there many street food stalls?

B. What are some popular snack bars, street foods or fast foods? What is your favorite snack or fast food?

C. I would like to own a street food stall. I would like to work in a street food stall. Would your friends like to own or work at a street food stall?

D. Would you like to travel and try different street foods? Where would you like to visit and what foods would you like to try?

E. What might happen in the future?

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