off balance pig out

Off balance, Over and over

Pipe dream, Rain-check



off balance never say die
out of shape out on a limb
over and over out on the town
over the top over my dead body
pass the buck put the pedal to the metal
pig out peeping Tom
pipe down practice makes perfect
pipe dream practice what you preach
pull my plug pulling my leg
rain-check raining cats and dogs


Never say never, Off balance, Out of shape, Out on a limb, Out on the town

1. Never say never: never give up, quit, surrender.
“Never say never!” Why would your friend tell you this or vice versa?

2. Off balance/off center: unsteady, unstable position; situation.
Life for many people is off balance. Do you agree? Give examples.

3. Out of shape: being fat or flabby.
Some people are in shape, others are out of shape. Why are they in shape or out of shape? How can they get in shape?

4. Out on a limb: to be in a risky or vulnerable situation.
Migrants and entrepreneurs go out on the limb. Give examples.

5. Out on the town: to go out to a city center for entertainment.
The boys have gone out on the town. Give examples of going out on the town.

Over and over, Over my dead body, Over the top, Pass the buck, Put the pedal to the metal

6. Over and over: something done again and again, repeatedly.
Successful people (and failures) do certain things over and over. In other words they have success habits. What do you think?

7. Over my dead body: absolutely won’t allow something to happen.
Have you heard someone say, “over my dead body”? When would say that?

8. Over the top: very excessive; unnecessary.
Most advertisements and their promises are over the top. Do you agree?

9. Pass the buck: shift responsibility, blame to someone else.
Politicians always pass the buck. True or false? Can you give examples?

10. Pedal to the metal: to go full speed, especially driving.
In your city, do some people put the pedal to the metal?

Peeping Tom, Pig out, Pipe down, Pipe dream, Practice makes perfect

11. Peeping Tom: someone who spies on women.
Are there more or less peeping Toms nowadays?

12. Pig out: to eat a lot and quickly.
Who pigs out? When and where do they pig out?

13. Pipe down: to be quiet.
Should little children pipe down in class; or should they act naturally?

14. Pipe dream: an impractical, unrealistic desire.
Don’t listen to people who call your goals pipe dreams. Do you agree?

15. Practice Makes Perfect:
Geniuses are not born. There is no such thing as natural talent. Only practice makes perfect. Is this correct or wrong?

Practice what you preach, Pull the plug, Pulling my leg, Rain-check, Raining cats and dog

16. Practice what you preach: do what you tell others to do.
I know some people who don’t practice what they preach. Yes or no? Do you feel like telling someone, “practice what you preach”?

17. Pull the plug: to end something.
What things should the government pull the plug on? The government should pull the plug on….

18. Pulling your leg: tricking or tell someone a joke.
Do your colleagues like to pull your leg?

19. Rain-check: an offer declined or canceled now for another date.
Should a company offer rain-checks? Does your company offer rain-checks?

20. Raining cats and dogs: a very heavy rain.
It’s raining cats and dogs. I love nights when it’s raining cats and dogs. True or false?

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