A Sailor in the North Sea

Havard talks about his work and hobbies.


shake sailor normal
worry prefer balance
roll middle keep your balance
place future occupation
globe culture globalization
yet hobby thing (2)
rough expect countryside
chef bit (3) expectation






My name is Havard Hansen. I’m fifty-two (52) years old. I live in middle of Norway: Rock City, also called Namsus.

What worries you?

As a sailor in the North Sea in the wintertime, I’m always a little bit worried about rough weather; it’s hard to keep your balance. Everything is shaking and rolling around you.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a chef, that’s my hobby. That’s my work. That’s my everyday occupation.

What does globalization mean to you?

Globalization means to me that you can travel around much more. You can meet a lot of other people from other countries, have a change of culture.

What country would you like to visit?

There are a very few places I haven’t been to yet. It’s about Russia and Iceland, everything.

What makes you happy?

Small things can make me happy. Even when my grandchildren come to me; it makes me very happy.

How do you spend you leisure time?

At home I prefer to go to the countryside, to go fishing, a lot of fishing. I love to go up in the mountains, in the river.

What do you expect for your future?

My expectations for the future is that I’m going to be in good health. I can work as normal. And everyone around me will have the same future, and be in good health.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


Havard is a young American from New York City. True or false?

What is his job or profession? Where does he work?

Does he say he worries about money and his children?

Does Havard feel positive, negative, both or neutral about globalization? Globalization means . . . . .

He would like to visit London, Paris and Australia. Is this right or wrong or we don’t know for sure? Has he traveled around the world by airplane as a tourist?

Money, sports cars, bars and discos make Havard happy. Is this correct or incorrect?

What are his hobbies and pastimes?

Is he optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

Name some things and activities from the video.
January, February. I have been on board a ship; I have traveled on board a ship. Yes or no? If yes, from where to where? How was it?

Do you know anyone who is or was a sailor, engineer, or officer on a ship? What is or was it like? Would you like to be a sailor, engineer, or officer on board a ship?

Are you from Norway? Do you live in Norway? Have you ever been to Norway?

May. Have you met anyone from Norway? Who were they? What were they doing?

Describe the climate and geography of Norway.

July, August. Describe the economy of Norway. What does it import and export?

Does Norway have any problems or challenges?

What is the food of Norway like? Describe Norwegian cuisine.

November. What are some tourist attractions (cultural, historical, natural)?

December. What comes to mind when you think of Norway? What do you associate with Norway?

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