The Next Door Neighbors




brick ribbon mailbox
mail winter season (2)
lights mittens present (3)
gift knock welcome
glove wreath decoration
invite window watch (2)








Birthday Party. Did the story take place in August? The story took place in . . .

Lunar New Year. The neighborhood was an apartment complex. True or false? Describe the neighborhood.

Valentine’s Day. In the beginning were the neighbors (the woman and the man) good friends or strangers to each other?

Maslinitsa. One day, the woman received a parcel (box) she had bought online. Is this right or wrong?

Carnival. Did the man and woman have lots of friends, or were they alone and lonely?

Easter Holiday. Later, did the man find bills for his electricity, water and internet?

Mother’s Day. They only received one Christmas item (gift) each in their mailboxes. Is this correct or incorrect?

Summer Vacation. What happened in the end?

Wedding Party. The man loved the woman, so he had been sending her Christmas ornaments and gifts. The woman also loved the man, so she had send him Christmas ornaments and gifts. What do you think?
International Workers’ Day, Labor Day. Does everyone in your city or town celebrate New Years and Christmas with their families? Do some people spend Christmas alone, by themselves?

Oktoberfest. What sort of gifts or items do people give each other during New Years or Christmas?

Halloween. Do some people hate Christmas? Do some people feel depressed or sad during Christmas?

Thanksgiving. How do couples (boyfriends and girlfriends) meet?

Christmas. What might happen in the future?

New Years. What could or should people do?

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