new zealand pie

New Zealand Pie



around (2) fridge sell
buy deli typical
snack cost pie
price piece apiece
everyone show (2) basic
build block (2) building block
base top slightly
small heart hearty
taste tasty fill
filling cream creamy
mushroom chicken cheese
pepper other type
exact ingredient secret
each oven stove
own owner keep
keep on tradition love
morning noon afternoon
evening night day
always want no matter
early late come
anywhere between delicious
amass devote fan (2)
base fan base something
miss (3) oversea bacon
egg mozzarella normal
beautiful almost mixed
breakfast lunch dinner





Aukland is New Zealand’s biggest city.

The Fridge Deli has been around for seven years.

The big seller at the deli is this typical New Zealand snack: the pie. They cost around four euros apiece.

Everyone comes to the Fridge, from families and musicians to businessmen and students.

Rebecca Young shows us the basic building blocks for a New Zealand pie.

“This is the base and this is the top; it’s slightly smaller. So I just put this one in.”

It’s a hearty snack with a tasty filling…

“Creamy mushroom chicken, some cheese, salt and pepper. That’s it.”

There are nine other types of filings, but the exact ingredients are a secret. Each pie goes into the oven for 20 minutes.

Ann Maria Roe is one of the owners of the Fridge.

“The pies have been selling for years and years in New Zealand, and we’re just keeping on the tradition. People love them. They come in the morning, noon, night; always want a pie no matter how early in the morning it is — 7:30 in the morning and they’ll still come in and have a pie.”

The Fridge sells anywhere between 150 to 300 delicious pies every day.

And they’ve amassed a devoted fan base.

“Yeah, it’s just part of New Zealand. Something you miss when you go overseas. This is the bacon and egg with mozzarella; not normally a big bacon and egg pie eater, but here it’s beautiful, it’s beautiful. The mozzarella cheese mixed in with the bacon and the egg. It’s almost like a breakfast in a pie.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1. How old is the Fridge Deli?
2. Is the pie a traditional New Zealand food?
3. Only teenagers come and eat pie. True or false?
4. Describe the pie. What is it made of? What are its ingredients?
5. Do they have a secret recipe?
6. How long do they bake the pies?
7. People only eat pie in the afternoon and evening. Is this correct or wrong?
8. Is making and serving pie a good business?
9. When New Zealanders go overseas, what happens? When they go overseas,
10. There is only one type of pie. Yes or no?
A. Are there pies in your country? Or is there something similar to pies in your city? Are they very popular?

B. What are some popular snacks or street foods in your city?

C. Would you like to have a pie shop?

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