New York City

Pictures, one




library bohemian immigrants
island museum municipality
slum deluxe condominium
condo garment community
district borough neighborhood
mayor university entertainment
retail avenue boulevard
ghetto empire skyscraper
harbor college news report
port theater public transport
street subway street vendor
crime baseball penthouse
gallery football psychiatrist
patrol bodega ice cream parlor
cops art gallery psychology
accent highrise construction
rude building construction worker
tough high-end apartment building
opera basketball apartment block
traffic city hall amusement park
pollution overcrowding

Here are some pictures. Answer the following questions for each.

1. What is this? This is a . . . . .

2. Where is this place? This is a . . . . .

3. Describe the weather. What season is this? What month is it?

4. Who is this person? He is . . . . . She is a . . . . . They are . . . . .

5. What is she doing? What’s he doing? What are they doing? He is . . . . . .

6. How does he feel? He is . . . . . . .

7. What will happen next? They will . . . . .

Manhattan from the Air John F Kennedy Airport
Time Square, Daytime Time Square, Nighttime
Crossing the Street Cafe, Eatery
Central Park from AboveCentral Park
Broadway Performance New York Marathon
Top of the Empire State Building The Statue of Libery
A Subway Station Riding the Subway
A Small Store Inside a Small Shop

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