New Year’s Celebrations, 2021




bridge display fireworks
boats revelry fireworks display
loud celebrate Clock Tower
pop (2) Kremlin Times Square
gather Big Ben Saint Basil’s Cathedral
harbor midnight opera house


Video: New Years Celebrations


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Christmas. The video was about Christmas celebrations on the 24th and 25th of December. True or false?

New Year’s. Was it about the New Year’s celebration in New York City only?

Valentine’s Day. The fireworks display and celebration in Australia took place in a desert in the middle of the country. Is this right or wrong?

Carnival. In North Korea, did the nation’s leader give a speech?

Spring Break. There was a lot of revelry, singing, dancing and cheering in Hong Kong. Is this correct or incorrect? Were revelers in Bangkok, Thailand wearing heavy coats and jackets?

Easter. Where was the main New Year’s celebration in Russia? Where did the main celebration in the United Kingdom (Great Britain) take place?

Arbor Day. Did millions and millions of people celebrate New Year’s in New York City? Were there lots and lots of people celebrating New Year’s in New York City?

Summer Vacation, Summer Holiday. Is there a theme or message of this video report?
International Workers’ Day, Labor Day. What time did you go to sleep on 31 December 2020 or 1 January 2021?

Mother’s Day. Where and how do people celebrate New Year’s in your city and country?

Oktoberfest. How do people celebrate New Year’s at home? Do they have a New Year’s feast?

Halloween. Do people sing songs or play certain music?

Thanksgiving Day. I have made a New Year’s resolution. True of false? Do people make New Year’s resolutions? Have you made a New Year’s resolution?

Winter Solstice. New Year’s is the happiest moment of the year. Do you agree? What will happen in the future?

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