new silk road one

The New Silk Road, 1



silk Silk Road expectation
hope side (2) counterpart
worth massive one-way (2)
invest deal (4) mammoth (2)
equal partner call on (2)
reduce trade (2) protectionism
access commit out of balance
sector reaction far too long
revival cutback cooperation
focus overall balance (3)
retail aviation satisfactory
mass order (3) responsibly
jumbo struggle order book
agree so far (2) accelerate


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Expectations on both sides are high.

The French president brought fifty business leaders with him to China. He and his Chinese counterparts are hoping for a lot of deals.

Many companies want in on Beijing’s massive Silk Road revival plan and the billions being invested in the mammoth project.

But Macron says the New Silk Road mustn’t be one-way road; and Europe has to be an equal partner.

The French leader called on his host to reduce protectionism and to increase access for French companies.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France: “France imports 45 billion from China, but only exports 15 billion, so our market is out of balance and unsatisfactory.

If we don’t deal with this responsibly, the first, natural reaction, the one we’ve had for far too long, will be to close up on both sides.”

Macron also called on China to improve overall cooperation in trade with the EU. The main focus in Beijing is signing contracts worth billions of Euros in sectors including retail, energy, environmental projects and aviation.

France is trying to get China to commit to mass orders of Airbus planes, especially for the A380 Super Jumbo, which is struggling with a low order book and production cutbacks.

So far, the two sides have only agreed to accelerate production of the A320 in China.

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1. In the beginning, there was a sense of optimism. Yes or no?

2. Did French President Macron come to China only with his ministers? Why did fifty business leaders accompany him to China?

3. Is there complete free and balanced trade between France and China?

4. Macron is satisfied with the status quo. Is this correct or incorrect? Why did he feel this way?

5. “If we don’t deal with this responsibly, the first, natural reaction, the one we’ve had for far too long, will be to close up on both sides.” What did Macron mean?

6. Does the Chinese have the same agenda as Macron?

7. What would have been a coup or victory for Macron on his visit? Was he successful in this area?


A. Does your president or prime minister make frequent foreign trips? Do foreign leaders often visit your country?

B. Is there much trade and investment between your country and China? Give examples of imports and exports.

C. What might happen in the future?

D. What products or services have potential in the Chinese market?

E. Do countries agree on trade policies? What is your country’s trade policy?


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