new silk road 2

The New Silk Road, II



shipping trade (2) initiative (2)
route response lukewarm (2)
flood (2) alignment get behind
means gleaming shadow (2)
cut (2) point (3) to raise concerns
upgrade drastically expansionism
key (2) symbolic raise fears
benefit influence buy influence
side (2) hegemony one-way (2)
vassal transform mass production
allay march (2) conveyor belt


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Emmanuel Macro’s first visit to China began in a city with symbolic meaning: Xian was the starting point of the ancient Silk Road that connected China and Europe.

Beijing has been wanting to reconnect that trade route for years. But the response has been lukewarm. Until now.

Macron said it was time Europe got behind the trillion dollar project.

Emmanuel Macron, French President: “I think the New Silk Road initiative can bring our interests into alignment, those of France and Europe, if we give ourselves the means to work together.”

The plan will see new gleaming road and rail links through Central Asia, drastically cutting shipping times.

But it’s raised concerns about Chinese expansionism, markets flooded with ever cheaper Chinese imports, and countries living in the shadow of Beijing’s military.

A project to upgrade a key rail line in Serbia, at the other end of the Silk Road, raised fears that what Beijing was buying was influence.

The French president said that the new trade route had to benefit both sides.

Emmanuel Macron, French President: “These roads cannot be one-way. There have to be comings and goings. These roads can’t be those of a new hegemony that would transform the countries they cross into vassals.”

There’s not much chance these Chinese soldiers will be marching into Europe. But Emmanuel Macron will still have to allay fears the Silk Road won’t become a conveyor belt for other types of Chinese mass production.

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1. The French President first came to Beijing, the capital of China. Is this correct or incorrect? Why was his first stop Xian?

2. Do Emmanuel Macron support the New Silk Road initiative? Why is he behind it?

3. Describe the New Silk Road initiative? What does the New Silk Road initiative entail?

4. Is everyone favorable and optimistic about the New Silk Road?

5. What can be said about the upgrade in a rail line in Serbia?

6. What is Macron’s vision of the New Silk Road?

7. Most people share Macron’s optimism. Is this entirely true, partially true or false?


A. What are some trade routes or networks in your country? Who were the merchants?

B. Is there a lot of trade between your country and China? What goods are imported and exported?

C. What will happen in the future?

D. What do you suppose is China’s goal? What does it want to achieve?

E. How should other countries approach China and the New Silk Road? How can your country benefit from the New Silk Road?


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