neo nazis in sweden

Neo Nazis in Sweden, two



battle election on the horizon (2)
quote party (2) resistance
rally oppose movement
Nordic free (2) march (2)
praise object (3) gathering
shout counter- run/ran/fun (2)
traitor message take back
non- long run parliament
border too late kick back (2)
exist minority inhabitant
cease pan (2) upcoming
gas (2) operate and so forth
crowd definitely incredible
lack against disgusting
voice intervene make their voice heard






With a general election on the horizon, the battle for power has moved to the streets. Early on Saturday, a party called the Nordic Resistance Movement held a rally and was met with an opposing crowd objecting to quote, “The Nazis marching in central Stockholm.”

Well, the leader of the movement has been open in his praise for Hitler.


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We are in central Stockholm right now at the gathering of the Nordic Resistance Movement. It’s a pan-Nordic organization, but here in Sweden, it’s also a political party, and they are running for the upcoming elections here in the country.

And they said that this gathering is a chance for them to make their message heard.

Simon Lindgerg, Swedish Nordic Resistance Movement Leader: “Our message today is that we went to take back our country from the traitors in the parliament.

Between twenty and thirty percent (20% to 30%) of the inhabitants in Sweden are non-Europeans. It’s already too late to just stop the immigration. We must kick them back.

The politicians today are traitors toward our people because among many other things, they open our borders to millions of foreigners — in the long run, that will lead to the Swedes becoming a minority in our own country.

And even in the longer-run, we will cease to exist as a people!”

Just meters away from where the Nordic Resistance Movement is gathered, there is another gathering. You can see there are just ordinary citizens who came here to counter-protest.

They are shouting right now, “No Nazis on our streets!”

Journalist: “Why did you gather here today?”
Protester, one: “We are against this; we’re against the Nazis, racism and so forth. Yeah. And we think this is really, really awful that this is happening in Stockholm now.”
Protester, two: “They are talking about a closed society, but they operate in an open society. It’s quite incredible.”
Journalist: “I just spoke to the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, and he told us Hitler did a great thing for German people.

Simon Lindgerg, Swedish Nordic Resistance Movement Leader: “Hitler was definitely great, a very good person for the German people. Definitely. He freed the German people.”

Protester, three: “It’s disgusting, and . . . I’m almost lacking words.
Protester, four: “I can’t believe that he said that Hitler was a good guy. I mean that must be cause for the police to intervene.”
Protester, five: “What he did was take ninety-five percent (95%) of my family, gassed and burned.”

Sweden is going to Parliamentary elections in two weeks — a hot time for any country. And as they say here, everybody wants to be on the streets these days to make their voice heard.


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1. The Nordic Resistance Movement is simply a group of neo-Nazis. True or false?

2. What is their short-term goal? What is the medium or long-term goal?

3. Does the leader spell out the consequences? Do they want to invade and occupy and control Africa and Asia?

4. All Swedes are far-right. Is this correct or incorrect?

5. What was the most controversial part of the NRM rally and ideology during the rally?

6. Might some of the counter-demonstrators be Jewish?

7. Was there any violence during the demonstrations or was it peaceful?


A. There are neo-Nazis in my city or country. Yes or no?

B. What is their agenda or platform?

C. What does the general population think of them? Do they support, are they opposed, or sympathetic towards them or it varies, it depends?

D. Who are their members? What kind of people join such organizations?

E. What will happen in the future?

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