must have to 4

Strong Obligation, 4

Must, Have to


In this unit we look at obligation, where the consequences of doing or not doing something can be serious. Related terms include requirement and necessity.

Must and have to express strong obligations, while had better has a more severe implication. Need to, be supposed to, and be required to are more formal forms.


Business, Economics

33. Do nations have to trade virtually identical commodities (candies, fruits, cars) among themselves?

34. What do advertisers have to do to create effective ads?

35. Huckleberry owns and manages a small bistro. He wants to increase his business. Give him some advice.

36. All companies and organizations must maintain a professional-looking website.

37. Do rich people and big business have any obligations to society?


Daily Life

38. You must have a car in order to survive in today’s world.

39. You must have a balanced diet from the major food groups: meat, vegetables, fruit, cereals and grains, fats and dairy products.
40. People must read the newspaper and watch the evening news every day.

41. Everyone needs to work hard and work smart in their lives.

42. Everyone must have a smartphone or they won’t be able to function.




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