must have to 3

Strong Obligation, 3

Must, Have to


In this unit we look at obligation, where the consequences of doing or not doing something can be serious. Related terms include requirement and necessity.

Must and have to express strong obligations, while had better has a more severe implication. Need to, be supposed to, and be required to are more formal forms.


School, Education

22. What do/did you have to do in language classes in school?

23. It’s necessary to have a university degree in order to get a good job and succeed in life.

24. All students must study physics, chemistry, literature, foreign languages, art, algebra, psychology, sociology and history.

25. What do/did you have to study in school?

26. You must always accept what your teachers and textbooks say and never challenge their views.



27. What are the obligations of parents?

28. You must always obey your parents. You must always remain loyal to your family and relatives.

29. What did your parents or grandparents have to do that you and your generation don’t?

30. Do children have to do anything? What are their obligations?

31. Must children leave the nest at 18?

32. Do children have a responsibility to look after their parents when they are old?


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