must have to 2

Strong Obligation, 2

Must, Have to


In this unit we look at obligation, where the consequences of doing or not doing something can be serious. Related terms include requirement and necessity.

Must and have to express strong obligations, while had better has a more severe implication. Need to, be supposed to, and be required to are more formal forms.


Work, Career

11. You have to be lucky to succeed in life. You need good luck. True or false?

12. A person needs to start off handsome, male, smart, tall, young, to be highly successful. Yes or no?

13. To be successful, you need friends who can help and mentor you.

Citizenship, Government, Country

14. What are the obligations of an accountable, responsible government?

15. What are citizens in totalitarian or autocratic countries required to do?

16. What must good citizens everywhere do?

17. Every nation must have a good, strong defence.

18. All citizens have a duty and obligation to vote in elections.

19. You must remain loyal to your country, government and leaders.

20. The Republic of Langerhans has run up huge deficits. How must it balance its budget and eliminate or reduce its deficits?

21. If people disagree with something, they must criticise, dissent, protest, demonstrate . . . and even revolt.



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