must could have 3

Mush, Might Have; 3

Give three explanations for the following. Use could, might, must have.


25. Angela has a stomach ache. Her friend meanwhile has a headache.

26. Arnold feels dizzy.

27. It’s 10:00 and Raymond is still asleep.

28. James has gone to bed at 20:30 (8:30 pm).


29. Many women loved Michael.

30. Lots of men had a crush on Sylvia.

31. Carol is an orphan.

32. Sandra has converted to another religion.

33. The whole town is celebrating and partying


34. Mark has been arrested.

35. Mr. Webber is suing a newspaper for $3 million.

36. Raimunda has won the Nobel Prize.

37. Linda has received lots of emails recently.

38. Alicia, an underdog, won the tennis championship, while the number 1 ranked player lost.

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