A Music School




hall look for all over the world
last (2) lunchtime come/came/come
play (3) director instrument (2)
ideally succeed read/read/read
science subject (4) know/knew/known
concert passion (2) professional (2)
cello of course sing/sang/sung
main hard work conductor (2)
great competition win/won/won


Video; 2:19 to 4:30




It’s lunchtime at Chetham’s School. Four students are playing a classical concert in the school hall. These students are eighteen, and they are in their last year at Chetham’s.

Students can come to Chetham’s when they are eight-years-old. Students come from all over the world to study here.

The Director of Music is Stephen Threlfall.

Stephen Threlfall, Director of Music: “We’re looking for young musicians who can play an instrument, ideally can read music, and know something about musical language.”

The students study all the usual school subjects like Maths, English, and Science. But they also study music for about three hours a day.

All of the students at Chetham’s have a passion to succeed in music, and the teachers can help them.

A lot of teachers at Chetham’s were professional musicians before they came to the school.

Stephen Threlfall, Director of Music: “I can play the cello, that’s my main instrument, and I can play the piano. I can get by on the piano, and I can play the guitar, and of course I can sing.

One other thing I do do a lot of, is I’m a conductor.”

So, with great teachers and hard work the students can be very successful. They often win national and international music competitions.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



Flute. In the beginning of the video, a full orchestra played in a concert hall. True or false?

Clarinet, Oboe. To attend Chetham’s School, do students have to be eighteen (18) years old or older?

Saxophone. All the students at Chetham’s School are from England, Ireland and Scotland. Is this right or wrong?

French Horn. Does the school accept anyone, including complete beginners?

Violin, Cello. The students at Chetham’s School only study music and practice playing musical instruments. Is this correct or incorrect?

Tuba. Did all the music teachers at Chetham’s School study pedagogy at university?

Xylophone. Do (many of) the students at Chetham’s School become excellent musicians?
Drums. I can play a musical instrument. My friends and I play musical instruments. Yes or no? If yes, which instruments do you and your friends play?

Trumpet, Trombone. Have you and your friends taken music lesson? Have you have a music tutor or attended music school or a music academy?

Classical Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar. Are there many music courses, teachers, schools and academies in your city? Are they popular?

Piano, Synthesizer. What might happen in the future?

Accordion. Should people learn to play musical instruments?

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