Munich tour 1

Munich Tour, one




tower vantage around (2)
climb step (2) vantage point
saint stimulate see/saw/seen
touch as far as spread out
crowd beneath chance (2)
cool (2) town hall in front of
main gorgeous get/got/got-gotten
allow look up square (3)
offer inviting foot/feet (2)
set off attraction take/took/taken
gather cool off corner (3)
cozy sense (2) get out (2)
stroll point (3) permit (2)
former residence around the corner
tour Baroque on a budget
budget courtyard bring/brought/brought






The Tower of St. Peter’s Church is one of the best vantage points in Munich. Once you’ve climbed the 306 steps, you can see as far as the Alps, weather permitting.

The famous Frauenkirche Church seems close enough to touch and the Marienplatz Square spreads out far beneath you.

Several times a day, crowds gather in front of the new Town Hall. Look up and get your camera out: the Glockenspiel is the main tourist attraction on Marienplatz.

What’s next?

Just set off and go where your feet take you.

Munich has lots of inviting squares. The Schtahoff even offers a chance to cool off on hot days.

Anywhere you go in this city you’re right in the middle of the action. And there are lots of cozy corners, like here in the Glachbachthietl.

Why go into a museum on such a gorgeous day? That just as beautiful from the outside?

For the classically minded there are Pinakothek. And if you like it modern the museum Brandhorst.

All your senses will be stimulated during a stroll through the Viktualienmarkt,
Munich’s most famous farmers’ market.

The Bavarian kings once lived right around the corner; here’s the former residence. You can tour the inside of course, but we’ll do that another time.

Today we’ll stay outside in the Baroque courtyard garden.

No summer day in Munich is complete without a visit to a beer garden. For those on a budget bring your own food; it’s allowed.

You can also relax to some traditional music like here at the Chinese Tower — it doesn’t get more Bavarian than this.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *



City Center. The Tower of St. Peter’s Church has an elevator for visitors. True or false?

Plaza, Public Square. It Munich a coastal city? Is Munich near the ocean?

Church, Cathedral. The Marienplatz Square has lots of cars and traffic. Is this right or wrong? Is it small, medium-sized or large? Is The Marienplatz Square the only square in Munich?

Town Hall. Is the Glockenspiel a large clock on a tower, like Big Ben in London?

Bureau, Ministry, Department.
If the weather is hot, do everyone stay home and turn on their air-conditioning?

Market, Marketplace, Open Market. Does Munich have only one type of museum?

Tower, Clock Tower. Munich residents only shop at modern supermarkets. Is this correct or incorrect?

Fountain, Water Fountain. Did the monarchy of Bavaria live in castles in the Alps?

Statue. Are all the buildings in Munich in the Baroque, Rococo and neo-Classical in style?
Park. I am from Munich. I live in Munich. My friends and I have visited Munich, or other parts of Germany. Yes or no?

Shopping Area, Stores, Shops. Would you or your friends like to live, work or study in Munich or other parts of Germany?

Hotel. Do you prefer living and working in a new, modern-style city, or an old, historical city? Would you like your city or town to be new and modern or old and traditional?

Cafe, Restaurant, Bar, Club. What other towns, cities or places would you like to visit? I would like to visit . . .

Pedestrian Mall.
Should towns and cities build new, modern buildings or build or rebuild, refurbish old, historical buildings?

Boulevard. What might happen in the future?

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