Moscow in Winter, one




dawn remove cathedral
queue wind (3) advantage
crowd sightseer square (2)
cope Kremlin department store
fresh worth it metropolis
fun decorate adventure
rink cheerful ice-skating
air trip (2) spend/spent/spent (2)
fairy fantastic illuminate
secret capital spectacular
local wander wonderful
stroll gorgeous extremely
glow freezing


Video: Moscow in Winter




Morning at the Kremlin . . . Dawn was just half-an-hour ago.

Now the snow from the night before has to be removed before the first tourists arrive.

One advantage of winter in Moscow is that there are no long queues and no crowds for sightseers to cope with.

From the Kremlin’s Cathedral Square you can see the famous GUM Department Store on Red Square.

In the winter, only ice-breakers travel on the Moskva River, which winds its way through Moscow. But a trip is well worth it.

The boats provide a very special view of the Russian metropolis.

Lee Stewart from the US is in Russia for the first time. And he agrees.

Lee Stewart, American Tourist: “I’m extremely happy that I came. It’s quite an adventure. And it’s been very, very fun.”

And when it gets dark early, the city glows in a sea of light, including Gorky Park, where every day, some fifteen-thousand (15,000) people meet to go ice-skating.

One of the world’s largest and most beautiful ice-skating rinks is in the middle of the park.

Skater: “It’s fun here. You can go ice-skating. We absolutely wanted to spend this evening here: fresh air, exercise. It’s fantastic.”

More than eighty kilometers of fairy lights illuminate the Russian capital. What it all costs is a closely kept secret.

Tourists enjoy the spectacular lights as much as the locals do. You can wander through the city even in freezing temperatures.

Moscow Resident One: Moscow is even lovelier at this time of year, especially for a stroll.

Moscow Resident Two: Gorgeous lighting, beautifully decorated streets, bright, lovely, cheerful, wonderful, fantastic!

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Yekaterinburg. There are many sailboats, rowboats and canoes on the Moskva River in winter. Is this right or wrong?

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Kazan. In Gorky Park in winter, do people mostly play football?

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