moral major loose

Major, Fantastic, Suspicious

Clever, Ideal, Moral, Vast



major minor fantastic
prior wonderful shameful
embarrassing skeptical suspicious
firm loose limp
other clever another
ideal moral vast
immoral awful freezing


Major, minor, fantastic, prior, wonderful

1. What are the most popular university majors? The most popular majors include…. What are the major industries in your city?

2. The key to success at work is focusing on and completing major tasks instead of minor one. Do you agree?

3. Great! Fantastic! When would you say “fantastic” at work? I would say “fantastic” when….

4. What did you do prior to your current job? Prior to my current job, I was….

5. Describe some wonderful dishes or places.

Shameful, embarrassing, suspicious, skeptical, firm

6. In the past, people felt ashamed about many things. Nowadays, people feel less shameful. In the future, no one will feel ashamed of anything. What do you think?

7. What are the most embarrassing things someone can do in your city?

8. Are you suspicious of door to door solicitors? Are there solicitors in your city? I am suspicious of billboard ads. Yes or no?

9. People must be slightly skeptical of teachers and the government. Do you agree?Are you skeptical of some historical accounts?

10. What can you say about someone who gives a firm handshake? What about a loose or limp handshake?

Loose, limp, vast, ideal , moral

11. What do they say about drinking? “Drinking loosens the tongue.” What does this mean? I have known people with loose tongues. Yes or no?

12. Do many very old men walk with a limp? If yes, why do they walk with a limp?

13. Which countries are vast? Do many people live there? Does the vast majority of the population support one political party, or is the population divided?

14. Describe the ideal husband and ideal wife. What’s the “ideal” family like?

15. What jobs do moral individuals do? What jobs should moral persons do?

Immoral, awful, freezing, other, clever, another

16. How do people become moral or immoral in their character? Why are some people moral while others are immoral?

17. Being unemployed or broke is an awful feeling. Do you agree?

18. I love it when it’s freezing cold outside while I’m snug and warm indoors. Yes or no?

19. Do many other people want your job or position?

20. What kind of jobs do clever people do? Who’s the cleverest person in your class or company?

21. My friend wishes she/he lived in another place. I wish I had another job. My neighbor wishes he/she had another spouse. Is this correct or wrong?

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