Mont Saint Michel, France, 1




coast isolated full-time (2)
saint land (2) stand/stood/stood (3)
tide Gothic dedicated
dry shape archangel
wet arch (2) prehistoric
style stun (2) stunning
angel level (2) sea level
abbey erosion rise/rose/risen
climb island sit/sat/sat (2)
easy resident UNESCO
rock class (3) medieval
more capsule time capsule
less step (2) monument
site heritage






Coastal at one moment, isolated island at another, Mont Saint-Michel is incredibly stunning no matter the tide.

In between two powerful tides from Normandy and Brittany stands the gothic-styled Benedictine Abbey named after and dedicated to the archangel Saint Michael.

Mont Saint-Michel wasn’t always an island. In prehistoric times, it stood on dry land. However, as sea levels rose, erosion reshaped the coast. Even today, it only sits 600 meters from land.

Although it has less than 50 full-time residents, it is visited by more than three million people each year.

The climb to see the abbey isn’t easy. It’s around 900 steps.

More than just a church on a rock, Mont Saint-Michel is a medieval time capsule and was one of the first monuments to be classed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1979.

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Abbey. The Mont Saint Michel is situation on a high mountain. True or false?

Church. Is the Mont Saint Michel abbey new and modern in style, or medieval and Gothic?

Cathedral. Was Mont Saint Michel named after a queen or general?

Monastery. Has it always been an island? Is the island tiny, small, medium-sized, large or gigantic?

Palace. Three million people live on Mont Saint Michel island. Is this right or wrong?

Castle. Is the abbey made of wood, metal, concrete or stone?

Fortress. Tourists can take an elevator or escalator up to the abbey. Is this correct or incorrect?
Island. I have visited Mont Saint-Michel Abbey. Yes or no? Have your friends visited Mont Saint Michel?

Peninsula. Have you visited a abbey, cathedral, church or monastery?

Coast, Shore. Would you like to live in Mont Saint Michel? Would you like to visit Mont Saint Michel?

Bay, Gulf. Should people build cathedrals, churches, castles and monasteries or refurbish, renovate and rebuilt old ones?

Ocean, Sea. What might happen in the future?

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