The Monks




monk agent sick and tired
rings remove secret agent
hood chant James Bond
spy pistol impersonate
gun take off underwear
flash mask gibber jabber
crazy Mohawk sunglasses
fool golden






Church. The video took place in a monastery. The video was about a monastery. True or false?

Cathedral. Did the performers come on the stage wearing dance costumes? Was there Pop Music? Could you hear Pop Music?

Temple. In the beginning, was the mood very solemn, dignified and serious?

Monastery. The situation (and music) changed. Is this right or wrong? What happened?

Pope. Who was the second person? Was he a businessman in a business suit?

Patriarch. Was the third person a golfer or tennis player? What did he do?

Archbishop. The fourth person was wearing blue jeans. Is this correct or incorrect?

Bishop. Was the fifth person weak or strong? Was he a tough guy or a nerd?

Clergy. Did the sixth man play a sport?

Priest. Who was the last person? Did he take off his cloak himself?

Pastor. The judges and audience thought the performance was dull and boring. Yes or no?
Reverend. What did you think at the beginning of the performance?

Friar. Did you recognize any of the characters in the performance?

Minister. Who are the most famous athletes (sports persons) in your country?

Bishop. Who are some famous actors and actresses?

Preacher. Are there many monasteries in your region?

Nun. Have you seen impersonations on TV?

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