monkey picture

The Picture



eye look (2) draw/drew/drawn
face decide on his way home
ear invisible tell/told/told
pretty last (2) looks just like
wait show (2) I can’t wait
fix monkey take/took/taken
owl mouth make/made/made
think mean (2) what do you think
porch alligator good/better/best
thing visible meet/met/met
front just right think/thought/thought
care unwrap along the way
mane miss (3) know/knew/known
inside missing careful/carefully
rush gorgeous better than ever
step right (3) all the way home
neck giraffe give/gave/given
roll excited walk along
wrap outside couple (2)
put look at refrigerator






Hi, I’m going to do a tell and draw story. This one is called “Monkey Face”.

One day, Monkey decided to draw a picture of his monther: he drew — her face. He drew two eyes. He gave her a nose. A mouth. And two ears. He looked at it and said, “That looks just like her. I can’t wait to show her.”

And he took his picture and he started to walk home.

On his way home, he met his friend Owl. And he said, “Owl look at this picture I made of my mother! What do you think?” And Owl looked at it and he said, “Well, she’s pretty…but her eyes are too small.”

And Monkey looked at it and said, “I can fix that.” So he made her eyes bigger. He said “Now what do you think?”
And Owl said, “I think that’s just fine.”

So Monkey took his picture and he started walking home.

Well the next friend he met was his friend Rabbit.

He said “Rabbit look at my picture! What do you think? It’s for my mother.”
And Rabbit said, “Hmmm. Your mother is very pretty . . . . but her ears are too short.”
And Monkey said, “Oh, I see what you mean. I can fix that.

So he gave her big ears. “Now what do you think Rabbit?”
Rabbit said, “She’s beautiful!”

So Monkey took his picture. He walked along . . . and then he met his friend Alligator.

And he said, “Alligator, look at this picture of my mother. Do you think it looks like her?”
And Alligator looked and then he said, “Well . . . she doesn’t have much of a mouth.
And Monkey said, “I see what you mean. I’m going to fix that right now . . .”

“Wow! What do you think of that Alligator?”

So Monkey took his picture, and he was even more excited to show it to his mother now because it was looking so good.

But then he met Elephant. And then he said, “Elephant. What do you think of my picture? This is my mother. Do you think she’ll like it?”
And Elephant said, “I don’t think she’s going to like it; her nose is invisible!”

And he’s like “Invisible? Do you think her nose should look like this?”
And Elephant said, “Yes, I do!”

And so Monkey thought he had his picture just right.

But he had a couple more friend to meet along the way. And the next friend he met was his friend Lion.

Now Lion looked at the picture *very* carefully — He knew Monkey’s mother very well. He said “Something’s missing. What do you think is missing? What do you think a lion would say?

The mane. You’re right. She doesn’t have any hair. So she needs a nice long mane.

“Oh boy! She looks better than every,” said Lion.

Monkey rushed all the way home. And he rushed to the steps on the front porch of his house and there’s his friend Giraffe.

Giraffe looked at his picture and said, “There’s something missing….”

What do you think Giraffe would say?

The neck!

You are so right.

That was the last thing he needed to have.

Giraffe said, “Now I think you can show it to her.”

And so Monkey, he got his picture….and he rolled it up…and he went inside.

“Mommy! I have made a picture for you!” he said. “Are you excited to see it?”

And she said, “Oh I can’t wait!”

And she unwrapped it . . . .

“What do you think?” asked Monkey.

“I LOVE IT!” she said.

She said, “I’ll put it right on the refrigerator . . . where I can look at it every day.”

*     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. In the beginning, Monkey drew a picture for his mother. True or false?

2. On his way home he met Owl. What did Owl say?

3. What did Monkey do?

4. Later, who did Monkey meet? What did his friend, Rabbit say?

5. Who did Monkey meet next? What did Alligator say?

6. What did Elephant say? What did Monkey do?

7. Who did Monkey meet next? What did his friend say?

8. What did Giraffe say? What did Monkey do?

9. What did Monkey’s mother say? What did she do?
A. I like to draw pictures. Yes, no, sometimes?

B. Did you draw pictures in school? What did you draw?

C. Do you friends give you advice or tell you what you should do?

D. I sometimes give advice to my friends. True or false?

E. Have you been to a zoo?

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