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The Monastery



corps global benefit
majesty diplomatic order (2)
post (3) report (2) responsibility
lore take up off duty
explore immerse explore
stroll various merchant
goods pilgrim on offer
rumor monastery chance upon
region restore concern (2)
vigor vitality

The Diplomatic Corps

Global travel. That was one of the many benefits of serving in the Her Majesty’s Diplomatic Corps. In this manner, British Army Officer Colonel Bradford was able to see and experience much of the world.

And now he received his final posting orders before retirement — to India. He reported to his new station and took up his new responsibilities.

Local Culture

During his off-duty hours, as he had previously done elsewhere, Bradford would explore the nearby towns, and immerse himself in local culture and lore.

Oftentimes he strolled in marketplaces and among small shops, examining the various goods on offer. He also talked to merchants and pilgrams from different parts of the country.

The Rumour

It was in this setting that the Colonel chanced upon a strange rumour.

It concerned a certain monastery deep in the Himalayan Mountains. There according to a traveler from that region, people could restore their strength, vitality and vigor.

And the resident monks were willing to share their secrets of to anyone who came by.

Hidden and Isolated

But therein laid the crux of the matter: their monastery turned out to be so remote…so isolated…and so hidden in the far-reaches of Himalayas, that for all practical purposes, they were cut off from the rest of the world.

No outsider knew for certain where this mysterious place was—or how to get there. Or even if it actually existed.


Nevertheless the notion of such a place with its secrets began to pique Bradford’s curiosity. Could such a place exist?

The more he dwelt upon it, the more he though about going there himself.

And so he began asking around for any information that might serve this purpose; things such as the terrain and the climate of the country, its settlements, roads, political situation, customs.

 .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


By the time Colonel Bradford received his discharged from service, he felt compelled to visit the monastery. Now free of any obligations, he began directing his search in earnest.

Bradford based himself at the foothills of the Himalayas. There he continued to befriend locals and establish contacts, trying to fit together the pieces of the puzzle.

Often he came up empty-handed or pursued dead-end leads.

Gradually though, a picture of what he sought began to emerge.

The Himalayas

When Bradford felt confident that he had enough information as to the whereabouts of the monastery and how to get there, he mounted an expedition…and set off into the towering mountains.

The journey proved to be drawn out—and fraught with hardship and danger.

Then, at long last…the MONASTERY came into view!


Upon reaching it, the monks admitted him into their world.

“For the first two weeks, I felt like a fish out of water—everything was so strange and different for me,” the Colonel later recalled.

“But soon…my health began to improve…I was able to sleep soundly at night…and every morning I awoke feeling more refreshed and energetic! Before long, I found that I needed my cane only when hiking in the mountains.”

 .     .     .     .     .     .     .     .

The Visit

Upon returning to the outside world, Bradford paid a visit to a friend. He came to his apartment and rang the door-bell.

The door opened. But instead of greeting the Colonel, his friend, Peter just looked at him as if he were a complete stranger.

Then after a while, Peter’s mouth dropped open. He embraced the Colonel and ushered him in…and began barraging him with questions.

 *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *


1. While in the army, Colonel Bradford was involved main with infantry tactics. True or false?

2. Did this story take place in the 1980s? When do you think this story may have taken place?

3. Bradford was determined to reach the monastery. Why was he determined to reach the monastery?

4. How did he gather information in his quest?

5. Did the monks tell anyone the secret? Why was the “secret”, a secret?

6. What do you suppose happened while Bradford was in the monastery?


A. Does this story sound familiar? If yes, what comes to mind?

B. Is it possible to people to regain their energy, endurance and stamina — and youth?

C. Do you know of any “secrets” to health, fitness and longevity?

D. Do you know anyone who looks young and are fit healthy for their age?

E. Are many people concerned about their health? Is health and fitness a big industry?


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