The Model and Singer



lyrics audition contestant
fan (2) Denver dream (2)
excited famous judge (2)
star (2) compare model (3)
hate mistake win/won/won
nut (2) accident good luck
vote come on straight (2)
factor cool (2) show (2)
feel need to grow up






Now many of the people auditioning have a favorite judge. And Denver’s first contestant, Yosselin Marquez, is a big fan of Paulina’s.
Yosselin Marquez: “My name is Yosselin Marquez. I am twenty-one years old. I’m excited to see Paulina Rubio. I grew up listening to her songs and watching her videos.

My big dream is to become super famous, with my music. I compare myself to Paulina Rubio, but I’ll be better.

Paulina Rubio, Judge: “Hello.”
Yosselin Marquez: “Hello.”
Paulina Rubio: “What’s your name?”
Yosselin Marquez: “Yosselin; in Spanish Joseline.”
Simon: “Okay, and how old are you?”
Yosselin Marquez: “I’m twenty-one (21) years old.”
Simon: “And do you work?”
Yosselin Marquez: “Yeah. I’m a model.”
Simon: “In Denver?”
Yosselin Marquez: “Exactly.”
Simon: “But you want to be a pop star?”
Yosselin Marquez: “Oh yes. I want to be a pop star.”
Simon: “And do you think you could win this show?”
Yosselin Marquez: “What’s your name?”
Simon: “Simon.”
Paulina Rubio: “That’s not a good start, Yosselin.”
Yosselin Marquez: “You know, I make mistakes; it was an accident.”
Paulina Rubio: “Let’s sing. Good luck.”
Yosselin Marquez: “I’ll do my best.”
Simon: “Good luck (absolutely nutty as a fruitcake).


.     .     .     .     .     .     .     .


Simon: “Uh, what were you doing with the telephone?”
Yosselin Marquez: “I was seeing the lyrics of the song.”
Simon: “Could you actually read them?”
Yosselin Marquez: “Yes.”
Simon: “Okay.”
Paulina Rubio: “Okay, let’s go straight to the vote . . . Or do we need to do that?”
Simon: “We have to.”
Paulina Rubio: “Okay, cool.”
Yosselin Marquez: “Denver wants me, right? Come on! Denver wants me!”
Paulina Rubio: “We don’t feel you have the “X-Factor”.
Yosselin Marquez: “I do. I do have the X-Factory.”
Simon: “You don’t have the X-Factor. And Denver hates you. It’s a ‘no’. See you later.”


*     *     *     *     *     *     *



1st (First) Question. Yosselin Marquez likes one of the judges. True or false? Why does she like her?

2nd (Second) Question. Does Yosselin want to become a doctor or a lawyer?

3rd (Third) Q. At the moment, she works at McDonald’s, flipping (cooking) burgers. Is this right or wrong?

(Fourth). Does she know all the judges? Is this good or bad?

5th (Fifth). What was Yosselin’s act? Describe her act.

(Sixth). The audience loved Yosselin and her performance. Is this correct or incorrect?

7th (Seventh). Did they judges accept her or reject her? Did they vote “yes” or “no”?


8th (Eighth). I have been to a fashion show. I have seen fashion models. Yes or no?

9th (Ninth). Who is your favorite singer?

10th (Tenth). Everyone has a smartphone. Is this right or wrong? Do you see everyone holding a phone in city or town?

11th (Eleventh). What do people do with their phones? What do your classmates, friends and colleagues do?

12th (Twelfth). What will happen in the future?

14th (Fourteenth). People should turn off their devices and walk in the park, forest or countryside. They should play sports, games or practice a hobby. What do you think? Do people spend too much time on their phones?

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